Predators are other creatures who can appear on the Tamagotchi Ocean, Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch, and Gudetama Tamagotchi. They appear when the Tamagotchi is vulnerable, and the user must act immediately to drive them away. To do this, the appropriate icon must be selected ("Call" on the Ocean, "? Box" on the Morino), and the user must tap the side or screen of the toy (shaking the toy vigorously will also work). In most cases, this will drive the predator away. Failure to drive away the predator adequately will either result in the character becoming injured, killed, or cooked.

The predator system is based on the bats from the Tamagotchi Angel and the rockfall mechanic from Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2, being external sources of danger for the Tamagotchi that requires the user's physical intervention and detrimental effects to the Tamagotchi if they fail to aid them. While bats stealing chocolate just cause the loss of Angel Points and Deeds, getting hit by a rock will injure or kill a Tamagotchi.

On the Morino

The Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch features two predators; Keropyontchi (ケロぴょんっち) and a large human foot. Keropyontchi will attempt to eat the Tamagotchi, and the large foot will accidentally step on it. Both predators in this release share the same functionality; the user must alert the Tamagotchi and tap the case to drive off the predator. If the user fails to do so, it will become injured. A certain number attacks in a certain growth stage will result in death. Predators will not attack the Tamagotchi if it is a Mayutchi.

On the Ocean

The Tamagotchi Ocean features two predators; a Polar Bear (白クマ white bear) and an Octopus (タコ). The polar bear turns up every fifty minutes when the Tamagotchi is napping during the day. To scare it off, the user must press the A Button to wake the Tamagotchi up and quickly tap the case to drive the polar bear away. If the user is not fast enough driving off the polar bear, it will attack and leave the Tamagotchi injured. If a Tamagotchi is attacked four times in a single growth stage, it will die.

The Octopus occasionally turns up during the treasure game where it may be found inside one of the chests. If this happens, it will squirt ink, abruptly ending the game prematurely. All four pollution skulls will be filled, and all four happiness hearts will be emptied. The Tamagotchi will not be injured, however.

On the Gudetama

The Gudetama Tamagotchi features chopsticks, which act similarly to Predators; three times a day, they will attempt to take away the Gudetama, and the player must press A to chase them away. They will stay on-screen for one hour. If the player fails to respond in the hour, the Gudetama may begin to sulk or get cooked into an egg dish. If the Gudetama falls asleep while being attacked, the attack will resume when it wakes up. The player will not be able to feed or play with the Gudetama while it's being attacked, but can still check the status and clock.




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