Prince Mametchi (プリンスまめっち Purinsumametchi), also known as Princemame, is a variant of Mametchi that debuted in the Tamagotchi! anime.


Prince Mametchi is identical to Mametchi, except he wears a gold crown on his head, a light blue suit, orange boots, and a red cape. He rides a small white horse, which has red reins, yellow hair, orange hooves, and a yellow saddle.

An alternate version of Prince Mametchi on the Tamagotchi P's has him instead wearing a green suit with a pink bow and red tie, and an elaborate red, gold, white, and purple crown.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's

The Prince Mametchi transformation can only happen if the user has the 17th Anniversary Tama Deco Pierce plugged in. First, the user must successfully raise a Mametchi. Afterward, he must be brought to the Party House destination.

Tamagotchi Meets

Prince Mametchi is a character that appears exclusively on the Fantasy version. He resides at Princess Palace, and can be befriended and married. Papamametchi and Mamametchi appear with him as his parents in the family portrait.


  • The horse is named "Umatchi (うまっち, lit. Horsetchi)", as shown in his dialogue in Tamagotchi Meets.


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