Princess Palace (プリンセスパレス) is a location located inside the Magical Flying Library Ship.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Meets

Princess Palace is a location on the Tamagotchi Meets exclusive to the Fantasy version. It is unlocked from the second generation onward by using the Pumpkin Lantern item, which is gifted to the user's Tamagotchi by the Queen of Hearts in Wonder Garden, after using the Card Paint option.

Prince Mametchi and Loveli Princess can be befriended and married here. In addition to the exclusive themed foods, items, and accessories at the shop, Princess Palace features an option called Prom Night. Visiting the prom after 7 PM will gift the user the Jewelry Box item, which is necessary to unlock the Arabian Night location.


  • As with Lammpatchi, if Mametchi and Lovelitchi are raised in the first generation, Prince Mametchi and Loveli Princess does not appear.
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