Not to be confused with Princess Tamako, Princess Tamakoko's older sister.

Princess Tamakoko (たまここ姫 Tamakoko Hime) is a female Tamagotchi character who is the daughter of the Gotchi King and Gotchi Queen, and Princess Tamako's younger sister.


Princess Tamako has white skin, pink cheeks, and pink hair in a bun. Her eyes are oval-shaped with sparkles, and in the anime she has blue irises. She wears a yellow crown, and a red dress with white trim on the bottom.


Princess Tamakoko is very close to her sister Princess Tamako. She is inquisitive and often asks Princess Tamako questions. She wishes she could quickly become grown-up like her sister. She loves coconut milk and hot chocolate.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity

Princess Tamakoko is a special character that can only be born when raising the Gotchi King Family. To do this, the user must either marry a Princess Tamako to a Tamastatchi, or Prince Tamahiko to Rosetchi, with the Bonding at 100%. The parents will evolve into the Gotchi King and Gotchi Queen, and produce two children. Princess Tamakoko will always be the youngest sibling, and will not be able to marry.

In the Anime

Princess Tamakoko appears in Tamagotchi!. In episode 21, she attends a party at the royal palace.

In episode 45 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!, Coffretchi is requested to do Princess Tamakoko's makeup for an event at the castle. Princess Tamako feels nervous about the event, and Coffretchi helps restore her confidence.

Name Origin

Princess Tamakoko's name is likely based on her sister's, Princess Tamako, except she has an added ko at the end of her name.


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