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Principal Mimizu (ミミズ校長先生 Mimizu Kouchou Sensei) is the principal of the Tamagotchi School. He appears as a non-raisable character on the Tamagotchi School 1 and 2, and the Tamagotchi 4U. He is also a recurring character in the anime series.


Principal Mimizu resembles an earthworm. He has light peach-colored skin and rings on his stomach. He has dot-like eyes, white eyebrows, and a long white mustache. He wears a black vest and a red bowtie. He is very tiny, so students at the School have to pay close attention not to tread on him. Due to his small size, he will often sit on another teacher's head so he can be at the same height as the students.


Principal Mimizu is cheerful and laid-back. He enjoys relaxing at the hot springs in Patchi Forest. In Tamagotchi Corner Shop 3Mr. Turtlepedia says that Prinicpal Mimizu plays with the bugs in the flowerbed during school hours, and remarks that he has such a carefree personality. 

Principal Mimizu is a friend of the teacher Ms. Flower. He is also friends with Sunnytchi, and they often meet at the hot springs.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi School

Principal Mimizu is in the roster as #97, and can only be added through the E-Tamago site. As the site has been taken down, he can no longer be obtained.

In the Anime

Principal Mimizu's anime artwork

Tamagotchi The Movie

At the beginning of the movie, Principal Mimizu is seen conversing with Sunnytchi at the hot springs. They discuss Mametchi and his inventions. Towards the end of movie, Principal Mimizu greets Sunnytchi upon his return.

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

Principal Mimizu appears in episode 8, "Team Battle! Mametchi VS Kuromametchi". Grippatchi's class has been split into two teams that will compete against each other. Before the contest begins, Principal Mimizu cheers on both teams and announces that the winning team will recieve a prize. After the race is over, Principal Mimizu presents the prize to Kuromametchi's team. The prize is none other than a giant portrait of himself.


Principal Mimizu is usually seen giving speeches, but since he cannot reach the microphone he has to sit on Mr. Turtlepedia's head. He is depicted as being very popular when he was younger, and he has a romantic personality.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Principal Mimizu is one of two principals at DoriTama School, the other being Principal Omen. They both get along quite well and even have similar personalities.

In "Woah?? MoriPakuCoffret Micro Group??", Moriritchi, Coffretchi, and Candy Pakupaku eat some candy that shrinks them down to Principal Mimizu's size. Principal Mimizu is astounded by the change. They all meet in his office and discuss the Tamagottsun while they drink tea. Then the girls help Principal Mimizu remodel his office.

Name Origin

Mimizu is Japanese for earthworm, hence his appearance.


  • There is a statue of Principal Mimizu outside of Tamagotchi School.


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