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Professor Banzo (ばんぞー博士 Banzo Hakase) is a professor who studies the Tamagotchi species of aliens at the Strange Biology Institute at Taitō, Tokyo with his assistant, Mikachu.


One day, Banzo was sulking on a bridge over Sumida River after suffering a broken heart. As Mikachu attempted to cheer him up, a UFO crashed into the river. Realizing the creatures inside would drown, the two humans salvaged the ship, only to find the creatures inside could not survive in Earth's atmosphere. He build a small, egg-shaped device that allowed the creatures to live comfortably on Earth. He named the device the "Tamagotchi HOUSE" (たまごっちHOUSE) due to its function as both a clock and a home for the creature, and resembled an egg.

Now dubbing the entire race of aliens "Tamagotchi", Banzo and Mikachu began to research them to the best of their ability. They have even left Earth, visiting the Tamagotchi Planet itself and studying the life there.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version

On the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Version, it's revealed that after 15 years, Banzo and Mikachu continue to research Tamagotchi. Visiting them enough times earns the Research Report item.


  • Professor Banzo currently is the only male human to be introduced in the Tamagotchi franchise.


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