Puchiberitchi (ぷちベリっち Puchiberitchi) is a female Tama Pet obtained on the Tamagotchi iD L and Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy version. She also appears in episode 78 of the Tamagotchi! anime, as Perotchi's Tama Pet.


Puchiberitchi looks like a small, flying reddish-pink strawberry with dots on her cheeks and back, only one white wing, and two curls of hair that look similar to Memetchi's. She also resembles a butterfly because of her antennae and shape of her wing. Her eyes are pink and she has a green leafy stalk on her head like a strawberry. She is about the same size as Hapihapitchi, but a bit smaller.


In the anime, Puchiberitchi is often helpful. She can find things by using her special curls, especially berries, but sometimes she finds the wrong thing instead of what Chamametchi and Kikitchi are looking for. She is also good friends with Hapihapitchi and the two like playing together, but she cannot talk. She just says "beri". She shouts this when she detects something with her curls.

Puchiberitchi only likes to eat berries or food that has berries in it. Other food doesn't appeal to her.

Name Origin

Puchi (ぷち) means "small", and beri (ベリ) comes from the word "berry".


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