Not to be confused with Petitchi, whose identical Japanese name is spelt in hiragana.
Not to be confused with Pochitchi, who has a similar sounding name.

Puchitchi (プチっち) is a child character that debuted on the Tamagotchi Osutchi and Mesutchi in Japan and on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 internationally.


Puchitchi has a large, white head with round black ears. It has beady black eyes, pink cheeks, and a curvy mouth. Its body is shaped like a long, black cylinder, and it has round, white feet.


Puchitchi is pessimistic and has low confidence, and often worries a lot about what others think. This results in nervousness when performing even simple tasks, such as going for a walk.

On Virtual Pets

Osutchi and Mesutchi

Puchitchi is a TMP2 child that evolves from Teletchi after 24 hours. If good care is maintained or it started with at least 25% discipline, it will evolve into Moritchi (Osutchi) or Morutchi (Mesutchi). With at least three care mistakes, it may evolve into Obotchi/Ojyotchi or Hawainotchi/Hawaikotchi. Puchitchi will only start with zero discipline if it received bad care prior to evolution.

Should TMP degeneration occur due to being neglected, Puchitchi must have at least 75% discipline when it evolves into a teen in order for evolution to Pyonchitchi or Pyonkotchi to be possible - it will make six or seven discipline calls throughout the 48 hours it spends as a child. It has a base weight of 10g, loses a heart every 30 minutes, goes to sleep at 8pm and will awaken at 9am.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4

Puchitchi is one of four random possible child characters. It may evolve into one of the teens in the Mame or Meme groups if given good care, but may evolve into one of the universal teens if given bad care or its training bar is low. It has a base weight of 10lb, sleeps from 8pm to 9am, likes parfaits and dislikes cupcakes.

Name Origin

"Puchi" is a Japanese word based on the French word "petit", meaning small. Puchitchi's name uses the katakana for puchi (プチ) to distinguish it from Petitchi's name, which uses the hiragana spelling (ぷち).

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