Tamagotchi Connection ROM Testing

Tamagotchi Connection ROM Testing

ROM Testing is used for testing if there are any problems using a Tamagotchi. However doing this will make it restart, causing the user to lose their current progress.

How it tests

The user holds down A, B and C and then presses the reset button. The screen will go black. The user presses A and half the pixels will be black, the person presses B and the other half will be black. The user presses C and it will say ROM testing, the user will wait and it will say ROM OK. At any stage before this, the user will not lose the game. It will then go to the connect screen. If another Tamagotchi is connected then it will make friends with an egg. It checks whether all three buttons work, all the pixels work, if the ROM works and if it can connect to other Tamagotchis properly.

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