Rainbow hills

Rainbow Hills (レインボーヒルズ Reinbo Hiruzu) is a location on Tamagotchi Planet. It is part of Rainbow Island.


Rainbow Hills is a city high in the clouds with a single large rainbow behind it. There are many shops and cafes, most of which use star and cloud motifs. The signature plant of Rainbow Hills is the Cotton Tree, which can be eaten like cotton candy.


Locations in Rainbow Hills

  • Pikagoro District (ぴかごろ地区) - This location is atop a storm cloud. The Tamagotchis who don't fit in with the rest of Rainbow Hills hang out here together.
  • Cloud Store (クラウドストア) - The biggest and most popular store in Rainbow Hills.
  • Cloud Jewelry (クラウドジュエリー)


  • Though drawn in a classic modern style of blue lined artwork, Rainbow Hills is a recent addition to the Tamagotchi franchise.
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