Rednosetchi (アカハナっち Akahanatchi) is a male adult Tamagotchi character that debuted on the Santaclautch no Tamagotch as a companion for Santaclautchi, and would later be obtainable on his own on the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary ver.


Rednosetchi looks similar to Pochitchi, except he is brown with a bright red nose, smaller ears, and has a pair of antlers on his head. He resembles a reindeer.


Rednosetchi is a sleigh puller for Santaclautchi. He is good friends with Santaclautchi, and is very kind and polite. He cannot stand to be separated from Santaclautchi for too long; if they separate, Rednosetchi will throw himself into a panic trying to find him.

On Virtual Pets

Santaclautch no Tamagotch

Rednosetchi is one of three possible companion characters that can be born when using the Egg item. If all three of the previous items have been used, Rednosetchi forms a complete "set", allowing the Santaclautchi to travel distances faster. If the three previous "correct" transformations have happened, obtaining Rednosetchi should cause the "Santa-ness" meter to become completely full.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary ver.

Rednosetchi can evolve from any male teen (Kujakutchi, Sunnytchi, or Young Oyajitchi) if they connect with six different toys (including other iD Ls, Tamagotchi iDs, or Tamagotchi iD Home Stations).

Other Forms

Two Deertchis seen with Lovelin and Telelin, from Tamagotchi!.


Deertchi, otherwise known as Reindeertchi, are Rednosetchi's species. They look very similar to Rednosetchi, but their noses are colored brown.


Greennosetchi (ミドハナっち Midohanatchi) is the summer version of Rednosetchi, and has a green nose.

Anime artwork of Bluenosetchi


Bluenosetchi (アオハナっち Aohanatchi) is the Dream Town version of Rednosetchi, and has a blue nose and differently shaped antlers. He works with Santabluetchi.


Yellownosetchi (キイロハナっち Kiirohanatchi) is the DoriTama Town version of Rednosetchi. He has a yellow nose and wears a yellow beanie.

Name Origin

Rednosetchi's Japanese name is a combination of "akai" (meaning red) and "hana" (meaning nose).



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