Rival Appears! Depressed Himespetchi (ライバル出現!?モヤモヤひめスペっち Raibaru shutsugen! ? Moyamoya himesupetchi) is episode 126 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on April 30, 2012. The creator of the episode is Yoshinari Ikuko.


Himespetchi is at home thinking about Ikemen Mametchi again. Ringotchi calls her and asks if she can visit Himespetchi. In a rush, Himespetchi tries to hide all of the Mametchi goods in her spaceship so Ringotchi doesn't find out that she is in love with Mametchi. When Ringotchi arrives, she confesses that she is worried about a boy who may have a crush on her. She asks Himespetchi to make a fortune for her. Himespetchi wonders who the boy is, but she agrees to help Ringotchi. The next day at Tamagotchi School, Himespetchi gives Ringotchi a limited edition Gotchiman keychain. After Ringotchi tells Himespetchi that the boy is a huge fan of Gotchiman, Himespetchi is shocked to discover that the boy is Mametchi. A few interactions between Mametchi and Ringotchi cause Himespetchi to become very depressed. At home, she thinks about what happened and talks to her plush Mametchi. Out of anger, she tries to throw the plush on the ground and scream, "I HATE YOU!", but instead she hugs the plush and says "I love you". She makes a promise to herself that she will be strong for Mametchi no matter what. Shortly after, Ringotchi and Himespetchi find out that Mametchi does not have feelings for Ringotchi. Ringotchi is relieved and thanks Himespetchi for her help by giving her a ticket to a ferris wheel. Himespetchi realizes that Mametchi has another ticket, and they end up going to the ferris wheel together.





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