A screenshot of Roudotchi from Tamatown V4

Roudotchi (ろうどっち Roudotchi) is an adult male Tamagotchi who lives in Mame City. He appears as a possible customer in all three Tamagotchi Corner Shop games. He appears in Tamatown V4/4.5's Mame City. He has also made minor appearances in Tamagotchi!.


Roudotchi is a hard worker, and during construction he says, "safety is first over all else!". According to Octopatchi, Roudotchi works really hard at work because saving money is his hobby.


Corner Shop 3 sprite

Roudotchi has a tall body with dark blue skin, a pink beak, white dot-like eyes, and two white drops of sweat on the side of his face. He usually carries a small yellow block and wears a white helmet with the Japanese word anzen (安全), which means safety.

Name Origin

Roudotchi's name comes from the Japanese word roudou (労働), which means "work" or "manual labour".

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