Rubytchi (ルビーっち Rubitchi) is a female Tama Pet that can be adopted at Donuts Park on the Tamagotchi iD L. She appears at the park from 8:00pm until 10:00pm.


Rubytchi looks like a fluffy white dog. She has two floppy ears tied with pink ribbons, and scruffy hair. She wears a pink collar with a ruby on it.

In the Anime

Rubytchi appears in the Tamagotchi! anime as Giragiratchi's Tama Pet. The only word she can say is "ruby" (ルビー). She is very affectionate, but tends to run away to play with other Tamagotchis, making Giragiratchi worry whenever she goes missing.

She is voiced by Yuuko Gibu.

Name Origin

Rubytchi's namesake comes from the ruby on her collar. Her full name is Lou Victoria Francois (ルー・ビクトリア・フランソワ Rū Bikutoria Furansowa), and the first two syllables sound like "ruby" to Japanese speakers.