Safetytchi (安全おばっち Anzenobatchi) is a female parent Tamagotchi who is Uwasatchi's mother. She debuted in Tamagotchi!.


Safetytchi has cream skin, pink lips, and purple eyes. She has a plump body and wears a green dress with a light blue tie and a yellow strap. Her hair resembles a green bush with yellow flowers.


Safetytchi is very much like her daughter, Uwasatchi. She is often spying on people for new, interesting gossip. When she finds enough gossip, she tells everyone about them on her radio gossip show, along with Uwasatchi and her gossip findings. Uwasatchi admires her and that is why she likes to gossip too. In the Japanese dub, she ends whatever she says with zamasu (ざます).

Safetytchi is also the safety officer at Tamagotchi School, and is often seen helping the children cross the roads near by the school.

Name Origin

Safetytchi's English name comes from the word 'safety'. She is called this because she helps teach children street safety. Her Japanese name, Anzenobatchi, comes from the Japanese word anzen which means safety, and oba which refers to a middle-aged woman.


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