The sea as it appears in Tap and Hatch.

The Sakanatchi Sea (さかなっち海), also known as the Tamagotchi Sea (たまごっち海), is a vast body of water on the Tamagotchi Planet that serves as the primary home of Sakanatchi, a species of fish-like Tamagotchi that live underwater and are featured on the Tamagotchi Ocean.

The sea is approximately 3.72 million kilometers (about 2.31 million miles) deep. While the seawater looks normal, it is actually comprised of a cocktail mix of juice, soda water, and alcohol. The primary staple foods are oden and pickles. At the bottom of the sea is a town of underwater dome-like buildings, which provide shelter for Sakanatchi and a place for land-dwelling Tamagotchi to visit.

While the sea and the Sakanatchi are relatively peaceful, there is also the Polar Bear that swims throughout the sea, trying to eat whatever unaware Sakanatchi it can find. The outskirts of the town is littered with shipwrecks, where octopuses lurk inside treasure chests and attack when provoked.

Along with beautiful underwater scenery, there are also three islands located within the sea: Summer Winter Island, Lazy Island, and Bug Island. The sea meets the main continent at Ukiuki Beach (ウキウキビーチ), and the shoreline provides a popular surfing spot.

The Sakanatchi Sea can be visited on the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary version, where Ashigyotchi can be met.

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