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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.
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  • Japan: November 1998

The Santaclautch no Tamagotch (サンタクロっちのたまごっち), more commonly referred to as the Santagotchi or Santaclautchi, is a Santa Claus and Christmas-themed Tamagotchi that was only released in Japan in November 1998, making it the final Tamagotchi toy released prior to the 2004 relaunch.


The Santagotchi came with three different designs. One was white with red buttons and snowflakes, one was green with white buttons, a mistletoe on top and various art surrounding the screen, and one was red with white buttons and "Santaclautch" written on top.


Prior to visiting The Earth, Tamagotchis did not celebrate Christmas. However, Tamagotchis returning home had learned about the Earth's Christmas tradition, and believed that Santa Claus was real.

Living in the north was a Mayor who watched over a small village. Realizing that Christmas was drawing near and there would be no Santa, he decided to take up the role of Santa himself. This triggered him to evolve immediately into a naked Santaclautchi, and began to prepare himself for Christmas.



Represented by four bells, Santa-ness (サンタらしさ Santarashisa) describes how close to Santa Claus the Santaclautchi currently is. Each bell lights up if Santaclautchi gets the four "correct" evolutions (Hat Santaclautchi, Classic Santaclautchi, Sleigh Santaclautchi, and Rednosetchi).

Evolution and Items

Rather than the Tamagotchi evolving over time, the Santaclautchi used different items to transform into different characters. Items are obtained from the Chimney Game and Advent Calendar, and the player can hold up to 7. Each of the four main items have three possible evolutions, with two additional items for the two secret characters.

Occasionally, Santaclautchi will get upset and begin to wallow, facing away from the screen. Selecting the item icon will give him a letter from a fan, cheering him up. Failing to respond in time will make him return to his cabin, forcing the user to start the toy over again.


A distance meter in the Check Meter option shows how far Santaclautchi is away from the other Tamagotchis. The goal of the toy is to have the meter filled before two weeks pass. Getting Santaclautchi's correct evolutions will trigger the bar to fill up faster, while incorrect ones will give little to no changes in speed.

Food and Stock

The Santaclautchi feeds himself, but the user must stock his menu with food periodically. His meal is a pie, and his snack is a slice of cake.

Chimney Game

The game only has one round. The user must select one of three chimneys for Santaclautchi to go down. When he does, he will either find a sleeping Tamagotchi (considered a win), get covered in soot (lose), or find an item for his inventory. Each play will reduce his weight by 1, and winning will increase Happiness by 1.

Super Kuchipatchi

At times, Santaclautchi may feel selfish and run away, disappearing from the screen. The user can use this icon to summon Super Kuchipatchi, who will fly through the screen and bring Santaclautchi back. Failing to respond in time will make Santaclautchi return to his cabin, forcing the user to start the toy over again.

Advent Calendar

This icon gives the user a random item when used. However, it could only be accessed once a day.

Tamagotchi Monitor

This icon would show the Tamagotchi waiting for Santaclautchi. As it gets closer to Christmas, the Tamagotchi will grow up and its decoration will change, starting from a wreath and eventually showing a Christmas tree. If the user is too late to prepare Santaclautchi, it will show the Tamagotchi as Chestnut Angel, Deviltchi, or Oyajitchi knocking the tree over.