Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park (セガサターンで発見!! たまごっちパーク Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park) is a Tamagotchi game for the Sega Saturn. It was released by Bandai Japan on January 29 1998.

The game plays similarly to the Game Boy trilogy in which it adapts the classic Tamagotchi experience to a video game console at a much faster pace and can raise multiple Tamagotchi at once. Unlike it however, this game is not limited to the P1/P2 lines and takes place in a wide-open environment with a number of facilities where Tamagotchi run around, interact with things and play with each other, and individual interaction requires the player to move their cursor over them.

It is notable for including a video game-based line of characters whose Adult forms are all based on classic Sega characters, similar to what happened with 64 de Hakken! Tamagotchi Minna de Tamagotchi World introducing Mariotchi.

In order to unlock the P2 line, the player must obtain Oyajitchi and have it lay a different type of egg than usual. Similarly, the process of unlocking the Sega line requires Sekitoritchi to lay a new type of egg.

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