Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park (セガサターンで発見!! たまごっちパーク, Appearance on Sega Saturn!! Tamagotchi Park) is the only Tamagotchi game for the Sega Saturn. It was developed by Ancient, and released by Bandai Games Japan on January 29, 1998. Exclusive to this game is a line of video game inspired characters whose Adult forms are all based on classic Sega characters, similar to what happened with 64 de Hakken! Tamagotchi Minna de Tamagotchi World introducing Mariotchi and Waruotokotchi.


The game plays similarly to the Game Boy trilogy, in which it adapts the classic Tamagotchi experience to a video game console at a much faster pace and can raise multiple Tamagotchi at once. Unlike it however, this game is not limited to the generation 1 and 2 characters, and takes place in a wide-open environment with a number of facilities where Tamagotchi can interact with things and play with each other. Individual interaction requires the player to move their cursor over them.

In order to unlock the generation 2 line, the player must obtain Oyajitchi and have it lay a different type of egg than usual. Similarly, the process of unlocking the Sega line require obtaining Sekitoritchi and having them lay a Sega egg.

Overworld Buildings

  • Mikachu Building: This building is located to the upper left of the overworld. The game starts off with the player picking an egg to hatch on this screen and additional eggs can be picked for hatching after the first egg.
  • Memorial Building: This building is in the upper middle part of the overworld. Records of tamagotchis that have died can be viewed here
  • Professor Banzo Building: Located in the upper right part of the overworld, records of raised tamagotchis can be viewed here. The player can view eggs and family trees.

Care Menu

The care menu can be accessed when a tamagotchi on the overworld is selected. Seven options will pop up and a status window will appear in the top left corner of the screen. When it's nighttime, all options except Sleep will be blocked off.

Status Window

This will state the tamagotchi's species along with their current stats - their level of hunger and happiness represented by hearts and level of discipline, ???, and body represented by bars.


This allows a tamagotchi to be fed meals or snacks to fill its hunger and happiness hearts.


There are three available games to play:

  • Left or Right
  • Card Match
  • Track Game

Certain games will raise the bar of certain stats.


This will flush the area around the tamagotchi to remove any poop.


This will punish a misbehaving tamagotchi such as if they're in a bad mood despite their hunger and happiness stats not being empty. Successfully using this option will raise their discipline bar.


This can be used to heal a sick tamagotchi. There's a needle and pill option which different species require to fully heal.


Selecting this option will put the tamagotchi to bed in a sleeping pod. This should be used when the tamagotchi falls asleep at night.


There are three contests the tamagotchi can enter into and how well they perform will depend on their stats

  • Eating contest
  • Track contest
  •  ??? contest


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