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Shock! King Spacy Reigning (衝撃!キングスペイシー君臨 Shōgeki! Kingusupeishī kunrin) is part two of episode 15 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!. Along with part one, it is episode 236 overall. It first aired on July 17, 2014.

Plot Summary

Finally, Spacytchi's dream of conquering Tamagotchi Planet has come true. However, things turn bad under his rule...





  • This episode contains a scene between Spacytchi and Himespetchi that is conversely innuendo. For context, a menacing-looking Spacytchi approaches a frightened Himespetchi and appears to be in the process of committing sexual assault on her, with Akaspetchi and Pipospetchi also cowering in fear, but it all turns out to just be a shoulder massage. This is one of the few episodes in the anime to have a joke of this nature present, and the only known episode to have one of this degree.
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