The Shop is a place where food and items are sold. Shops can be found on most modern Tamagotchi releases. There are different ways to access shops on different Tamagotchi Toys. For example, on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 it is accessed by watching the Shopping Channel on TV and on Version 4 by selecting the 'Game' icon. There is also a variety of shops in TamaTown and Tama & Earth EXPO. Those can be accessed through Version 3 or higher. On later versions of Tamagotchi, the shop can be accessed through the Shopping channel.

Random item sets are generated each time the Tamagotchi visits. Each set includes 4-5 items, all from the same category. The currency accepted in all shops is Tamagotchi Points, which are gained by playing minigames, opening letters or using a cheat code.

Sometimes when watching the shopping channel on later versions, the TV screen might have small squiggly lines on it, like a blur. Then another picture will show up, with a penguin-looking creature standing next to a sign saying FAIR. It resmbles the host of the regular shopping channel, just with different features. Whether or not the itenms are more special or different than the other channel's items cannot be determined.

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