Smartotchi (スマートっち Sumātotchi), also known as Sumatotchi or Smartchi, is an adult male Tamagotchi character who first appeared in the third anime series, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. He is also one of three characters to appear on the Miracrise ver. Tama Deco Pierce for the Tamagotchi P's.

In the anime, he is voiced by Takahiro Mizushima.

In the Anime

Smartotchi originally appeared in the Miracle Friends anime as the main antagonist. He is from the future of Dream Town and has a small assistant by his side who is known as X. Smartotchi was the rival of Miraitchi and Clulutchi, as he was seeking to obtain all the Dreambakutchis. It was later revealed he wanted the Dreambakutchis In order to fulfil his wish to fix a piano in Dream Town which later ceases to function in the future, and he becomes friends with the main cast.

When Smartotchi was transported to the past, he ended up on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. So, he changed into his X-Kamen form and kept flying over the ocean until he saw land in the distance, which was Dream Town. By the time he reached shore he was worn out and injured; he walked on foot until he fainted in front of Enchoutchi's house. Enchoutchi rescued him and become Smartotchi's home-stay parent.

Pianitchi was determined to befriend Smartotchi, and she got upset when he seemed to ignore her when she talked to him. They eventually became good friends after Smartotchi revealed himself as X-Kamen.

After all the Dreamkutchis together, Smartotchi, X, Miraitchi, Clulutchi, Watchlin, and Candy Pakupaku return to the future and they all part ways. When he arrived to see the spot where the piano was, it had a built aquarium and the Enchoutchi's house was there as well, with the piano in function and ran by a distanted relative of Enchoutchi's. He played for the first time in the future where grathered around to here, including Miraitchi, CLulutchi, Watchlin, and Candy Pakupaku. It was the last time he and X were seen.

Smartotchi has not been confirmed to appear in GO-GO Tamagotchi!, meaning that he may depart by the end of the Miracle Friends series, although he was mentioned and made flashback appearances in several episodes, one which includes where Pianitchi still kept on trying to keep her promise.


Smartotchi has an interest in music, which is why he is in the music class at Dream School. He is talented at playing the piano and spends a lot of his time playing classical music on the piano in Enchoutchi's house. He is also good at sports, especially basketball, and his classmates greatly admire his skills. He easily adapted to the Dream School of the past whereas Miraitchi and Clulutchi made several clumsy mistakes. He is also quiet and usually hides his thoughts and feelings.



Smartotchi's "X-Kamen" disguise

Smartotchi has a special costume that he wears to keep his identity secret. This costume consists of a suit that is the same as his normal one except it is black and purple instead of blue and gray, and a black mask on his face. Also, X transforms himself into a small winged device and attaches himself to the back of the costume, giving it wings and allowing Smartotchi to fly.  When wearing this disguise, Smartotchi is often referred to as "X-Kamen", kamen meaning "mask".

Smartotchi wears his X-Kamen disguise when hunting for Dreambakutchis. It makes it easier for him to capture them using his ability to fly. Smartotchi rarely talks as X-Kamen when Miraitchi and Clulutchi are around, most likely so that they do not recognize his voice. When Smartotchi went to Dream School for the first time and saw the twins, he was uneasy but they didn't recognize him and greeted him cheerfully.

Since Smartotchi revealed his intentions to the twins and their friends, he no longer hides his identity with his X-Kamen disguise.

Name Origin

"Sumāto" (スマート) means smart, as in intelligent or stylish.


Smartotchi sprite


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