Smiling Angel
Genders and Releases:
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Smiling Angel is a Special Adult Angel found on the English edition of the Tamagotchi Angel, where it replaces Cactus Angel.

Appearance and Personality

Smiling Angel resembles a large, round, flesh-colored head with a smiling face, purple shorts, and thin arms and legs with orange boxing gloves. It wears a halo over its head. His Mini-Keeper plush depicts him with a red body. On the Tamagotch Angel app, it can also have a yellow body, or have a pink outline with purple gloves.

No official profile of this character has been released. However, like Cactus Angel, Smiling Angel's animations for everything are all exactly the same.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Angel

Smiling Angel evolves from Tarakotchi Angel with 0 AP, and only raising the Hungry and Effort hearts to 2. It wakes at 10 AM, sleeps at 11 PM, and its highest possible AP is 90.