Snack is the word used for a food item on a Tamagotchi toy that plays a part in caring for your character. However, it is possible to raise a character and never feed it snacks (whereas it is vital to feed a Tamagotchi Meals).

The main purpose of a snack is to be a quick way to increase a Tamagotchi character's happiness, but it also serves as a way to make a character happy when it is the normal weight (on older versions, where Tamagotchis could not play games unless they are overweight). When a Tamagotchi eats too many snacks, however, it will get a toothache and players must use the Medicine icon to cure it.

Like meals, there is usually one "default" snack in the inventory. This default snack increases the weight and happiness by 1 on most Tamagotchi models. Additional snacks can be purchased at the shop; some of them increase more than one happy heart, but also make the weight increase more.

Snacks are usually candy (such as lollipops and chocolate) or fruit (such as oranges and pineapples). Some of them, like milk, are drinks. Each Tamagotchi character has a favorite snack as well as favorite meal.

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