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Sopratchi (そぷらっち Sopuratchi) is a female Tama Pet who is Doremitchi's twin sister and one of Melodytchi's pets. She debuted in Episode 64 of the Tamagotchi! anime. She appears as a pet on the Tamagotchi iD L.


Sopratchi has a blue round body with with fluffy fur, round ears, and small round arms. She has a blue star shape on her left ear. She has dark blue eyes with a curled eyelash on each of them. She has two tufts of hair on her forehead, one is pointed and the other is curly and round, and together they resemble a musical note. She wears a dark blue scarf, which is tied in a bow in the front.


According to Tamagotchi Channel, Sopratchi "has a calm personality and is a tomboy" and is "always worried about reckless Doremitchi."

When Sopratchi talks, the only word she can say is Myu (みゅ). This is equivalent to the English word "mew", the sound a kitten makes.


Tamagotchi Melody Pets - Doremitchi and Sopratchi

Melody Pets Doremitchi & Sopratchi (メロディペット どれみっち&そぷらっち) were released in Japan in January 2011. They can sing 7 different songs, and can also wobble across a tabletop, or any flat surface when you touch them. If you set them in front of another Melody Pet, they will sing a duet and occasionally fight.

Name Origin

Sopratchi's name most likely comes from the word soprano, which is a "a person with a high-pitched singing voice."


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