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Spacytchi (スペイシーっち Supeishītchi) also known as Spaceytchi, is a male Tamagotchi character who debuted in the first episode of the Tamagotchi! anime, and on the Tamagotchi iD virtual pet. He is boss of the Spacy Brothers, a group composed of himself, Pipospetchi, and Akaspetchi. He stars in every series of the Tamagotchi! anime as the main antagonist.

Name Origin

Spacytchi's name comes from the word "space", since Spacytchi is an alien. It could also come from the term "spacey", an adjective for a person out of touch with reality.


Spaceytchi resembles a anglerfish, also known as a black seadevil. The two horns on the side of his liquid drop/onion-like head resemble the fins, and his antenna which also glows when he wants it to, resembles the fish's esca or illicium (the little ball of light hanging on the top of the head). He has two white legs, grey arms and two white gloves as hands. He also has the letter S on his chest, meaning the first letter of his name, Spacytchi.


Spacytchi is desperate to conquer Tamagotchi Planet. He is very persistent, not giving up easily on anything he puts his mind to. Since he does not know much, however, his plans usually fail. He can be stubborn and a bit selfish. Spacytchi has also had a crush on Himespetchi for a while, having made a promise to become the king of Tamagotchi Planet and making Himespetchi his queen back when both were younger, though Himespetchi's crush on Mametchi ruined this; Spacytchi also has a past crush on Agetchi. Although he has short patience with his brothers, Pipospetchi and Akaspetchi, and sometimes fights with them, he does respect them.

He claims that aliens don't exist (most likely due to Spacy Land residents are also referred as Tamagotchis), unbeknownst to him that he actually is one. When he is around anyone besides his brothers, he gets shy, muttering a lot and acting nervously. He also has a kind part to his personality, such as when he found Imotchi's ribbon when she'd lost it. Spacytchi is good friends with Kuromametchi and they get along well, and throughout the series he has become friends with the other characters as well, sometimes making him reluctant to carry out his plans of conquering the planet.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi iD

Spacytchi is not a raisable character. He appears in the slot game in round two and three where being landed on has a negative result.

Tamagotchi Nano

Spacytchi is a special adult that can be obtained on both versions. Starting at the baby stage (Pachikutchi on the version 1, or Nittobotchi on the version 2), the user must never feed the baby meals or play the game; instead, they must only feed snacks, and feed over 100 snacks. The user must still clean poo and cure sickness as normal, and turn off the lights when he sleeps.

Tamagotchi iD L and 15th Anniversary ver.

Spacytchi evolves from Happabouyatchi with 6 or more care mistakes. On the 15th Anniversary version, he instead evolves from Sunnytchi with the same number of care mistakes.

Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy Ver.

Spacytchi is obtained from 6+ care mistakes from Hanikamitchi. He has the best care out of all of the Spacy Brothers.

Tamagotchi P's

Spacytchi evolves from Maimaitchi or Cosmotchi with 8 or more care mistakes and the Charisma personality.

Tamagotchi Friends and Dream Town ver.

Spacytchi is a Gourmet-group adult can be obtained from any of the three male teens with severe neglect.

Tamagotchi 4U/4U+

Spacytchi can be obtained either by feeding a male child Curry Rice five times, or by obtaining 8 or more Care Mistakes.

Tamagotchi m!x

Spacytchi appears on the Dream version of the Tamagotchi m!x, evolving from any male teen with 7 or more care mistakes. Spacytchi does not appear in any town, therefore making his genetics available only during the first generation.

In the Anime

Spacytchi appears in all four series of the Tamagotchi anime, acting as an antagonist with his plan to take over Tamagotchi Planet with his brothers, Pipospetchi and Akaspetchi. Despite being an antagonist, he rarely acts antagonistic against others or harms them. He instead blends in with the people of Tamagotchi Planet and tries to carry out his evil plans in secret. However, his plans never work due to his misunderstanding of Tamagotchi culture, general incompetence, and being inadvertently stopped by others.


Spacytchi is introduced in "Get Ready! The Big Race on Tama Street" where he enters the race on Tama Street, intending to win and use the attention to announce their takeover of Tamagotchi Planet. Although he wins, no one is at the finish line, having gone over to watch Mametchi and Kuromametchi rescue Kuchipatchi. In the next episode, "Tamagotchi School's Transfer Student", he and his brothers enroll in Tamagotchi School.

In "Beep Beep! Ready to Take Over Tamagotchi Planet!", Spacytchi and his brothers discover that everyone in Tamagotchi Town is gone. At first they are happy to be able to take over the planet with no resistance, but they soon become scared that a bigger force wiped everyone out and is coming for them next. Eventually, Necktietchi shows up to tell them that everyone is celebrating "Roll Over the Floor" day and they cry tears of happiness, happy that they're not alone. Spacytchi is invited to Lovelitchi's Christmas costume party in "Get Ready! A Christmas Costume Party!" and he struggles to figure out what costume to wear as he doesn't know what Christmas is. After asking everyone what Christmas means, he combines all the answers into one costumes and wins the contest. He is later seen enjoying the company of everyone at the party.

They try to move into a new secret base in "The Spacy Brothers' Moving", but only manage to stay for a night until it's destroyed by the TAMAX-TV crew in a shooting of Gotchiman. They then try to build their own secret base near Tamagotchi School in "Go! Typhoontchi VS Secret Base", but it's blown away by Typhoontchi when he visits Tamagotchi Town.




Main article: Akaspetchi

Akaspetchi is Spacytchi's brother. He is smart and mature, and often ends up getting yelled at by Spacytchi for confusing him or pointing out holes in his plan. Despite this, Spacytchi still respects Akaspetchi and takes his input into account when forming evil plans.



Main article: Pipospetchi

Pipospetchi is Spacytchi's other brother. He is kind, but has hidden malice which comes out whenever he suggests an idea to his brothers. They are often terrified of his suggestions and tell Pipospetchi that he's going too far. Sometimes, he sneaks ahead to do Spacytchi's plan in a more efficient way and it works most of the time.




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  • On the Tamagotchi Friends web site, his name is spelled as Spacytchi. However, on the device itself, his name is spelled as Spaceytchi.
  • In the English dub of Tamagotchi!, Spacytchi's name is changed to "Spacetchi".
  • Spacytchi, along with his comrades, is tied with Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi as the only characters who appeared in all four Tamagotchi anime series.
  • Spacytchi's Tagalog voice actor (Jimmy Manato) is siblings with Chamametchi's Tagalog voice actress (Roxanne Manato) in real life.
  • Most promotional art of the anime depicts him with a dark greyish-blue color, rather than black.