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The episode begins with Mamametchi saying goodbye to Chamametchi as she leaves the house to run some errands. Chamametchi then has the house to herself and decides to watch TV. As the channels keep changing, she notices a news broadcast where an explosion has occured at the local zoo. Just as this happens, her calculator starts glowing and she picks it up, before being engulfed in bright light. Chamametchi then transforms henshin-style into a magical girl-type heroine named Super Chama-Girl!

Equipped with her new powers, Super Chama-Girl then flies out of the house upon hearing a loud roar. Upon reaching downtown, she discovers that Beartchi has been turned into a giant fire-breathing monster and is destroying everything in sight. A huge fight then ensues, with Super Chama-Girl crashing through a series of buildings. This does not stop her from using her calculator's Minus 4 Beam attack and Beartchi is promptly shrunk down. He then runs away and the citizens cheer Super Chama-Girl for her bravery.

Mamametchi's voice is then heard calling for Chamametchi and the whole sequence is revealed to be a dream.


  • Chamametchi's Super Chama Girl form resembles the character Cure Dream from Yes! Pretty Cure 5, which Bandai also holds the merchandising rights to.
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