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Super Unchikun (スーパーうんちくん) is a special Tamagotchi that first appeared on the Tamagotchi Keitai, and has been seen infrequently since.


Super Unchikun resembles a large, sparkling, golden poo with arms, legs, a face, and star-shaped blushes.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Keitai, Akai and Hanerutchi 1

Super Unchikun is rewarded to the Tamagotchi by the Gotchi King if the user donates one thousand Gotchi Points. After earning it, if the Tamagotchi makes a poo but does not respond to it immediately, Super Unchikun appears and cleans it up. It will only stay for one generation; the user must donate to the Gotchi King again for each new generation.

Tamagotchi Mini

Super Unchikun is a special character on the 2005 Japanese version, evolving from Mametchi after seven days with no care mistakes. It is replaced with Ginjirotchi on the 2005 English version, and Bill on the 20th Anniversary version. While obtainable on the New Year's edition as well, if the player raises a Darumatchi first, then Mametchi will evolve into Mikotchi instead.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

Super Unchikun is a common item that can be purchased for 5000 Gotchi points. When used, three Super Unchikuns appear and dance. Each time the item is used, the Bonding percentage increases by 0.3%. The sprite on all English editions is altered as to conceal the nature of the character.


SuperUnchikun sprite mini
Version 5 (Japanese)
SuperUnchikun sprite V5
Version 5 (Censored)
SuperUnchikun sprite V5alt