Sweets Shock! Wagassiertchi (スイーツショック!わがシエっち Suītsushokku! Wagassiertchi) is part one of episode 43 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!. Along with part two, it is episode 264 overall. It initially aired on February 5, 2015.

The episode was written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu.

TV Tokyo synopsis

When Patitchi tells Wagassiertchi that she wants to try working outside of Wagassierbon, Wagassiertchi becomes shocked and depressed. Mametchi invites his friends and teachers to rise up and encourage Wagassiertchi! (Source)

Detailed plot description

The episode begins with a long queue at Wagassierbon in Patchi Forest. Some customers are eating outside, including Neenetchi, who is being admired by Akaspetchi. Inside, Patitchi and Wagassiertchi are busy serving customers. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi are happily eating sweets, and Wagassiertchi is delighted because he is living his dream of running a successful restaurant. Inspired, he tells the three Tama-Friends that they should work hard towards their dreams as well. Patitchi overhears him, and this encourages her to speak up about her own dream. She says she wants to help out at other shops, and Wagassiertchi is motivational at first, until he realizes what this means and shrivels on the floor.

At DoriTama School, Mametchi and the others are talking with Patitchi and recalling how shocked Wagassiertchi was. Patitchi reveals to them that one day she wants to start a sweets shop of her very own, and the others support her goal. Kuchipatchi says he can't wait for it to open. Later, Mametchi calls a meeting for all the students and teachers in the school to help cheer Wagassiertchi up as he has offered them help and advice so often in the past. Patitchi isn't sure about the idea, but to her confusion and surprise, Principal Omen and Mr. Comb-bowie are fired up to help him. It is revealed through flashbacks why these two teachers want to help Wagassiertchi so much.

In Principal Omen's flashback, he is having coffee at Wagassierbon during a rainy night. He looks sad, so Wagassiertchi brings him chocolates because their sweet flavor is sure to cheer him up. Wagassiertchi adds that he should have courage, and so Principal Omen sets off to do what he was hesitant about. He runs to Madamtchi's shop and confesses that he loves her, and declares that he will show her his true face. He is seen starting to take his mask off, but the shot changes to Madamtchi's surprised face before the viewers get to see when Principal Omen really looks like. After a few moments, Madamtchi walks over and puts Principal Omen's mask back on, telling him that he is both her boyfriend and her Tama-Friend. He blushes and agrees, and the rest of Madamtchi's friends come in to applaud them.

In Mr. Comb-bowie's flashback, he is trying to decide which cake from Wagassierbon to get for his crush, Ms. Musicatchi. Wagassiertchi tells him that he should be able to confess his feelings on his own, so Mr. Comb-bowie runs to Ms. Musicatchi's house in the rain. By the time he gets there, his hair has been ruined by the rain, which Ms. Musicatchi points out. Mr Comb-bowie is distraught at first, but quickly recovers because there is a more important matter at hand. He confesses to Ms. Musicatchi that he loves her. She asks if it's true, and he passionately confirms. She states that she has no feelings for him at all, and he faints in defeat. However, she says they can be great Tama-Friends, and Mr. Comb-bowie is happy and thanks her. After the flashback ends, Ms. Musicatchi smiles at him, and he swoons.

With that, Mametchi leads the students and teachers to find Wagassiertchi so they can thank him for all he's done. However, as they're running through the town, Mitchi Sensei has a hard time keeping up because he is withered and depressed just like Wagassiertchi was. He is so withered that a strong gust of wind carries him into the air, where he encounters Wagassiertchi who is also being carried by the breeze. The two of them are swept off to a faraway canyon, by which it is night time.

Mitchi and Wagassiertchi have made a fire and sharing their woes. The reason Mitchi is upset is because he doesn't have a darling despite having a "cute body". Wagassiertchi talks about how sweets are his friends, and how happy they have always made him. He then says that he felt lost and alone after the events of the day, until Mitchi joined him and made him happy. Mitchi is moved and utters "mitchikyun", which is similar to Himespetchi's "gigakyun" catchphrase. As Wagassiertchi talks about how sweets have betrayed him because Patitchi is leaving him, Mitchi slaps him in the face. Mitchi says that Patitchi is moving towards the future with a smile on her face, and Wagassiertchi needs to have courage like that as well. Wagassiertchi starts to cheer up, and then Mitchi adds that he doesn't need Patitchi anyway because he will be Wagassiertchi's "new darling".

Mitchi starts to blush and wink at Wagassiertchi with hearts coming out, while Wagassiertchi is sweating and in shock. Mitchi tries to kiss Wagassiertchi but he jumps out of the way just in time, causing Mitchi to hit his head on the log they were sitting on. As Wagassiertchi frantically tries to explain himself, Mitchi points over to the river. Mametchi and the gang have arrived by boat, and are ready to motivate Wagassiertchi. Everyone tosses him in the air and cheers for him, and then they dance around the bonfire. Wagassiertchi is fully recovered

It is revealed that Patitchi tries working for a variety of other restaurants, including Music Cafe, Dream Hanten, and Oyajitchi's cart, and even tries other jobs. However, she decides to keep working at Wagassierbon in the meantime. Wagassiertchi is glad she is still around, but Mitchi is at Wagassierbon and winks at Wagassiertchi, causing him to shudder and laugh nervously. The episode ends with Wagassiertchi talking to Patitchi about her plans, and he sighs in relief that she didn't leave the shop forever.






  • This is the second episode in which Mitchi is depicted as having feelings for other males. The first episode was the finale of Yume Kira Dream.
  • Three love confessions take place in this episode (because it aired close to Valentine's Day).
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