Takoballoontchi (タコバルーンっち Takobarūntchi) is a male Tama Pet-like Tamagotchi character in GO-GO Tamagotchi! who was first seen briefly at the end of episode 31, and was properly introduced in episode 32. He serves as Mofumofutchi's hat, best friend, and transportation method.


In his normal form, Takoballoontchi looks like a small, round octopus with eight short legs. His body is a pinkish orange color with a red curvy stripe going around his head. There is a light, clover-shaped pattern at the very top of his head, with what appears to be red hair with four tufts. His beak is lighter than the rest of his body and he has rosy cheeks.

When on top of Mofumofutchi's head, he is shaped like a cap and his beak is elongated to look more like a visor. His legs are not visible in this form.

Takoballoontchi can also expand in size, very much like a balloon. When this happens, his legs also become longer. He usually does this so that he can act as a hot air balloon for helping Mofumofutchi travel, carrying him in his eight legs.

In the Anime

Mofumofutchi and Takoballoontchi first met back when Mofumofutchi was a young adventurer searching for treasure. The treasure was guarded by a very large and enraged Takoballoontchi, who grabbed Mofumofutchi with one of his tentacles. Then Mofumofutchi noticed that a sea urchin was stuck in one of Takoballoontchi's tentacles, and then removed it. With the pain gone, Takoballoontchi shrunk back to his usual size and became best friends with Mofumofutchi.

The two of them go everywhere together. Takoballoontchi always takes Mofumofutchi to any destination he pleases, and usually sits comfortably on top of his head when not in use.

In the episode Mofumofutchi, to Space, Mofumofutchi departs for the Gottsun Comet and leaves Takoballoontchi behind, thanking him for everything he has done. Takoballoontchi cries, and helps Mofumofutchi one last time before returning to Tamagotchi Planet. There, he leaves the other Tamagotchis and floats away through the sky.

Takoballoontchi makes an apppearance in episode 50, during the Happy Happy Harmony.


Despite not being able to speak actual words, Takoballoontchi seems to be very loyal to Mofumofutchi. He is devoted to accompanying him on adventures, even dangerous ones. He also expresses concern when Mofumofutchi seems troubled.

Name Origin

Takoballoontchi's name comes from the word "tako", which is Japanese for octopus, and balloon.


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