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The Tamagotchi Card Collections

Tamagotchi Extras

The video game Tamagotchi extra item was made in the Ammusement Center by first time in Japan.

The first tamagotchi extra item was shown in McDonalds at the city of Austrailia, Philippines, and America showing the Tamagotchi McMeal.

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The sprites of Tamagotchi shown in McDonalds called the Tamagotchi McMeal

The second tamagotchi extra item was only shown but it was canceled, it was only show as a Special Tama-Poster.


The birthday party preperation poster called Tamagotchi Tamatomo Mascot

The third tamagotchi extra item was shown in Malaysia at one of the Chinese Countries.

McD Malaysia Tamagotchi 2011

8 toys collection of Malaysia toys shown of "Tamagotchi!".

The fifth tamagotchi extra item was made by the company of Bandai in first show of Tamagotchi. Only the card collection and extras.

The sixth tamagotchi extra item was made by Bandai many accessories, stickers, etc.

Tamagotchi: The Movie birthday flooring background


Tamagotchi The Movie Handcrafted Hat

Seal05 00

The future version of tamagotchi stickers including Tomomi.

Seal04 01

The other versions of Tama-Stickers.


The other Tamagotchi Extra Items.

Hsph 01

The Every Lovely Bottle and Melody Charm Bottle.

04 tmglunchset01

The extras of Tamagotchi are: Tamagotchi Lunch Box, Tamagotchi Lucky Drinking Cup, Tamagotchi Pencil Case and a Rulers and a Bag.

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The Card Collections of Tamagotchi shown at the Tama-Card Website.

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