Tamagotchi School FureFure! Club Activities! (たまごっちスクールでフレフレおーえん!部活動!), or TamaFure (たまフレ) for short, is a home Deka Tamagotchi unit released in April 2007, created to accompany both versions of the Tamagotchi School device. It has a motion detection function that is used for games and interacting with on-screen characters.


The TamaFure is similar in size to the original Ouchi no Deka Tamagotchi, except it is more egg-shaped and positioned lengthwise (like a Tamagotchi School), and the screen is smaller. There is only one shell design, which is sky blue with a white egg-crack screen border, yellow buttons, and a design of Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi performing their activities along with 4 instances of Grippatchi. "TMGC School" is printed in small white letters near the bottom.

The infra-red communicator is shaped like a heart. The motion detector has the word "HOI!" above it in orange. The A button is to the left of the screen, and the B and C buttons are on the right.

There are only four icons, which represent the sports club, cooking club, gardening club, and principal's office. The icons can't be selected, and pressing the A button will instead make a text menu appear. The purpose of the icons is to light up when one of the locations attention, such as when the head of a club wants to ask Grippatchi for more supplies. Multiple icons may be lit up at once.


Grippatchi is the playable Tamagotchi and main character on this device. She is on the main screen along with a number of how many leaves the player has. It is her job to help manage her students' club activities. The player can select from a list of different locations Grippatchi can visit, and an animation of her walking will show before she reaches the destination. The player can play games, enroll students in activities, interact with characters by waving, and collect leaves. Leaves and students can be transferred between TamaFure and Tamagotchi School devices using infra-red communication.

When visiting a club, an animation of some of the club's members doing the activity will be showing. Then the player can play a game or interact with a character.

Sports Club

This club is run by Mametchi. The mini-game involves jumping over barricades while kicking a ball. It needs to be timed so that neither the ball nor the character hit a barricade. The player needs to jump 30 barricades to earn the maximum number of leaves.

Cooking Club

This club is run by Memetchi. The mini-game requires motion detection. Tamagotchis will come by wanting food, and the player needs to rapidly wave their hand in front of the device for the club student to move a pan over heat. When it is ready, the player needs to press A and cook for the next Tamagotchi. Taking too long can cause the food to burn or the Tamagotchi to get impatient and leave.

Gardening Club

This club is run by Kuchipatchi. The mini-game is about hitting moles with a toy hammer to stop them from ruining the garden. Plant sprouts and moles will keep popping up on either side of the student. The player needs to press A if a mole is on the left, or B if a mole is on the right. The player should not press any button when both instances are plant sprouts. The player needs to hit 30 moles to win.

Cheerleading Club

This is an extra club that does not have as many options (like character interactions) as the others. There is a game where the player simply needs to wave their hand in front of the device as quickly as possible, and the number of points they earn depends on how much they waved.

Student Enrollment

When the player visits here, Mr. Turtlepedia can introduce Tamagotchis that want to join in a club activity. The player can choose which club the student will join, and it can be any of the previously four mentioned clubs.

Principal's Office

Sometimes Principal Mimizu will want to talk to Grippatchi to ask about the progress of student activities. A game can be played here too. Principal Mimizu will hide a gift in one of four holes, which will then quickly switch around. The player needs to select the right hole and then rapidly wave their hand to dig. If they falter, the present can easily be lost.


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