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TamaGoLand (たまGOランド) is a hometown of Motetchi, as well as many other characters. It also serve as a Japanese Tamagotchi website released in 2013 and terminated on the 30th of June, 2015. It allowed players to create a Tamagotchi partner by choosing the character and colors. There were 10 characters to choose from, all originally exclusive to this web site. However, the TamaGoLand characters made a debut in the anime in episode 12 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!.


TamaGoLand acted like Tamatown and Tamagotchi! Town, but without the need of the virtual pet devices. Players can decorate their house with furniture, wallpapers, and carpets. They can get these by purchasing them at shops. They can dress up their character, as well; buy clothes and accessories from Tamamori shops. They can set their profile information such as mood, favorite color, favorite food, and more.

Players could go to various places in TamaGoLand by clicking on the map. There are various places to go to, each with different games or shops. They will see other online players walking around, along with their age and gender. They can click on them to send them a friend request as well as visit their house. They can send postcards to friends. Choose the shape, color, and picture. They can buy more pictures at shops.

Some items in shops can only be bought if the player is at a high enough level. To increase your level, as well as earn Gotchi Points, they must play games. Also, Tamagotchi characters appear in the street sometimes. Talking to them will either make them ask the player to answer a question or look for an object. If they perform the task correctly, they will get Gotchi Points.

Characters from both Tamagotchi!, Yume Kira Dream, and Miracle Friends feature in TamaGoLand.

From the 1st of April 2014, TamaGOland replaced the "Tamagotchi fan club" section on tamatv.com and officially moved the accounts created from that fan club to TamaGOland accounts.


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