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TamaTalk (sometimes shortened to TT) is one of the most well-known Tamagotchi community forums. It has been online since June 15, 2004 and has over 90,000 registered members. It contains Tamagotchi resources, discussion, as well as sections for non-Tamagotchi related topics. TamaTalk has various extras such as a video section called TamaTube, a Tamagotchi name generator, an art gallery, and an arcade. There also used to be a chatroom named TamaChat, but it was permanently taken down in late 2016 due to inactivity.


This is a list of all the discussion boards and what kind of sections they contain.

A Users Guide to TamaTalk

This contains only one section, of the same name. Its topics inform users how to use the forums. It gives information such as how to post pictures, find the answers to questions, and details on following the rules.


This contains sections for news about Tamagotchi, as well as TamaTalk itself. The topics posted here are for new Tamagotchi releases and rumors, and updates to the TamaTalk site.

Tamagotchi Help

The Tamagotchi Help board is for sharing tips, codes, and passwords. Users can also ask Tamagotchi questions whether they are new or experienced owners. It is also for focused discussions about Tamagotchi and TamaTown.

Tamagotchi General

This is for all other Tamagotchi and virtual pet related topics. Some of the sections are for any general discussion about Tamagotchi, a section for creating logs and group hatches, and a "tBay" section for buying, selling, and trading Tamagotchi virtual pets and accessories.

Fun Stuff

The sections aren't focused on normal discussion. Instead, it is for users to interact with each other in various activities. For example, there are sections for fan fiction, team stories, role play, and word games. The content here is not required to be Tamagotchi-related.

(non) TamaTalk

This board is for discussions fully unrelated to Tamagotchi. There are sections for games, music, books, and any other discussion, as well as a "seriously (non) TamaTalk" section for mature debates.


This board contains an introductions section where users can introduce themselves, and inform others if they are leaving the site. There is also a section to request access for TamaChat; requests must be approved before users are able to enter the chatroom. Finally, there is a section for making suggestions about TamaTalk.

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