This article is about the interactive website. For the anime location, see Tamagotchi Town.

Version 4 TamaTown

Tamatown was an interactive website for the Tamagotchi Connection Version 3, and later for the Version 4 and Version 4.5. It was an extension to the virtual pets, and allowed players to connect to the site and earn prizes for their Tamagotchi device.


Tamatown let players explore an interactive, online version of Tamagotchi Town. Players could visit multiple locations, play games, and collect items. If the player had obtained any items during their visit, a list of passwords would appear when the player logged out. Each item that could be obtained had a unique numerical password which was ten digits long. The player could enter the passwords into their handheld device through a Password function. The items would then appear on the player's Tamagotchi device. The player would only be able to get ten items during each Tamatown visit.

Variations Between Versions

Depending on which Tamagotchi device the player was using, certain features would vary. Because of this, the website was split into different areas for the Version 3 users and Version 4/4.5 users. If the player was using a Version 3 device, they only needed to enter their username to access the town. Certain areas such as Gotchi King's Castle, the Parents' house, and Grandparents' house would require passwords that the player would obtain from their device. Players with Version 4 and 4.5 devices would need to enter their username and a fourteen-digit password consisting of numbers and letters, which they would recieve from their device. The Version 4/4.5 Tamatown introduced many new locations and games. Players also gained access to three other towns through the Station, which were Mame City, Guruguru Town, and Patchi Forest. These towns each contained their own locations, characters, and games, although they were noticeably smaller than the main Tamatown. 

Accessible Locations

All Versions

  • School - An interactive version of Tamagotchi School.
  • Arcade - A place to play games, and win items and Gotchi Points.
  • Mall - A shopping center which has three stores, and various items that players can obtain.
    • Forever Tamagotchi - A shop for clothing.
    • Lucky Tama Toys - A shop for toys.
    • The Tama Beat - A shop for musical instruments.
  • Tama Tower - A theater displaying short Tamagotchi Flash animations.
  • Town Hall - The civic center of Tamatown, where players can collect souvenirs.
  • Food Court - A collection of shops where players can buy food, or help out at the Pizzaria or Burger Shop.
  • Travel Center - A place where Tamagotchis can visit various locations on Earth and collect souvenirs.
  • Parents - Players can get free rewards from their Tamagotchi's parents. Players must have at least two generations of tamagotchis to access this function.
  • Grandparents - Players can get free rewards from their Tamagotchi's grandparents. Players must have at least three generations of tamagotchis to access this function.

Version 4/4.5 Only

  • Preschool - A school for little Tamagotchis to play and learn. If the player's Tamagotchi is in its child stage, they can visit Preschool.
  • Office - A place where Tamagotchis go to work. If the player's Tamagotchi is an adult and has a job, they can visit the office.
  • Bank - The local bank of Tamatown.
  • Hospital - The local hospital of Tamatown.
  • Post Office - A post office where Nazotchi delivers mail.
  • Station - A station that can transport Tamagotchis to Mame City, Guruguru Town, or Patchi Forest.
  • Mame City - Mametchi's hometown.
    • Hardware Shop - Various tools and supplies are found here.
    • Intellectual Work Building - A work area specifically for Tamagotchis who have jobs requiring Intellectual skill points.
  • Guruguru Town - Memetchi's hometown.
    • Convenience Store - Foods and snacks are found here.
    • Artistic Work Building - A work area specifically for Tamagotchis who have jobs requiring artistic skill points.
  • Patchi Forest - Kuchipatchi's hometown.
    • Gym - A place where Tamagotchis can train and work out.
    • Social Work Building - A work area specifically for Tamagotchis who have jobs requiring social skill points.

Shutdown and Legacy

The shutdown notice for the interactive game.

On February 6, 2013 the servers for Tamatown were shut down. Tamatown no longer supports the enhanced gameplay feature for any of the Tamagotchi Connection devices. Any codes that come with certain pets, such as the Music Star, are no longer useable with the TamaTown websites.

Several community collaborative efforts have been in progress since the shutdown, attempting to rebuild Tamatown with archived copies of the site's .SWF files.

Bandai failed to renew the domain, leading the URL to be put up for sale. The domain was purchased by fans and relaunched as a fan site on March 26, 2019. The new site hosts Tamagotchi news, leaks, guides, FAQs, downloads, and links to other Tamagotchi groups on other sites.


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