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This article is about an English Tamagotchi release.

The TamaTown Tama-Go is an international Tamagotchi release which was released in August 2010 in the US and Australia. It combines elements of the Tamagotchi Plus Color with the Tamagotchi Music Star.

The TamaTown Tama-Go introduced a 4-part greyscale feature as well as a 3D background feature. It also retains the widened display from Connections 5 through 6. If left alone for a short time, the background can disappear, maintaining the original 2D display from previous versions.

The TamaTown Tama-Go is also capable of using infra-red communication and it is sometimes referred to as the Tamagotchi Connection Version 7, but considering that it is not referred to as such on the packaging, it may be classed as a "Modern" Tamagotchi as opposed to a "Connection" Tamagotchi.


Tamatown tama-go

A Tama-Go at Toy Fair 2010.

The Tama-Go contains a shell similar to the Tamagotchi iD. The bottom of the toy is flat, and a top portion of the shell can be removed to insert one of the Gotchi Figures. The screen is covered with a plastic casing, which is easily removed. The decal around the screen can also be removed and replaced with other designs. It is also roughly three times bigger than any other Tamagotchi. The buttons are white and hard, rather than being soft and made of rubber like previous versions.

The three original designs are:

  • Lime Green with Mametchi
  • White with Kuchipatchi
  • Blue with Memetchi

Second wave designs include:

  • Black with Mametchi
  • Hot Pink with Kuchipatchi
  • Purple with Memetchi

The packaging depicts the character's personality and favorite quote, and has a liftable flap which reveals a CD (Second wave only) and more information about the toy.



Catching the Tamagotchi about to use the bathroom and activating the toilet icon will help to raise a training meter (along with standard discipline and praise). If trained well enough, once fully grown, the Tamagotchi will be able to use the bathroom on their own.


Replacing the Game function is a new icon of a door. The Tamagotchi can now leave their house to visit various places. Some destinations become available as the character ages, while others can only be visited with transit passes purchased at stores (after which the ticket can always be used). Some destinations are as follows.

  • Games, where the character can play any one of two games, including:
    • Shoot The Bugs!, where the Tamagotchi rides a spacecraft and shoots at incoming bugs.
      • A: Flip Direction (it changes up/down, and it will be auto when the Tamagotchi touches the edge.
      • B: Shoot.
        • NOTE: There is a limited time to shoot the bugs.
    • Long Jumper, where the Tamagotchi jumps from one box to another.
      • A: 1-Block Jump
      • B: 2-Block Jump
      • C: 3-Block Jump
        • NOTE: Don't Fall!
  • Shop, where food and home interiors can be purchased.
  • Park, where the Tamagotchi can meet other characters.
  • PC, which allows the Tamagotchi to connect to
  • Dating Place, where the Tamagotchi can find a mate (only when at least 6 years old.) It can get married at any age when it's a senior

Gotchi Figures

Main article: Gotchi Figure

KuroMametchi Gotchi Figure.

There are many Gotchi Figures available for the Tama-Go. They are mounted to the top of the toy and when activated, they unlock new games and food for the Tamagotchi, and when registered online while a gotchi figure is on top of the toy, special items can be activated and purchased at Tamatown. Each Figure contains two games and a shop or a restaurant which has nine total available items, but only four at a time. The Gotchi Figures all have different faceplates and a Figure that only has one game.

First wave tamagotchi figures

First Wave Gotchi Figures Top row: Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi Bottom row: Chamemetchi, Ringotchi, and Violetchi

Gotchi Figure characters


See TamaTown Tama-Go/Character List


The data for the following characters appear within the Tama-Go's ROM, but cannot be obtained:

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