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Tama Farm (たまファーム Tama Fāmu) is a location on Tamagotchi Planet that is accessed through the Tama Resort.


Tama Farm is an area with a lot of tasty fruits and vegetables all year round. Many Tamagotchis come here to grow and harvest crops. Many fruits and vegetables grown here are supplied to Food Town. Watatchi and Ringotchi help work on the farms.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

Tama Farm is a location available on the Magic, Fairy, Wondergarden, and Sanrio versions. It unlocks after visiting Food Town ten or more times. Hatakemotchi, Youmotchi, Cherrytchi, Violetchi, and Watawatatchi can be befriended and married here.

Tama Farm's unique location is My Farm, a space where the user's Tamagotchi can plant and grow a tree. The tree takes four days to bear fruit, which includes durians, golden apples, and x. However, the tree's growth will only progress on days the user visits it. The tree will disappear if the current Tamagotchi marries, regardless of its growth stage. If diligently visited by a My Tama from early childhood, they will collect fruit on the first or second day of adulthood depending on time of hatching.


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