Tama Hearts (たまハート Tama Hāto), also known as Tama-Hearts, are magical objects formed from the bond of kizuna (friendship and love), and are found throughout Tamagotchi Planet. They appear throughout the last two seasons of the Tamagotchi! anime, when Mametchi and his Tama-Friends collect them by the end of the episodes.

Lovelitchi and Melodytchi use their Tama Profys to capture Tama Hearts. The Tama Profys were able to collect Tama Hearts after they fused with the Melody Charm, and the Melody Charm's tune must be played in order to obtain the Tama Heart. Many Tama Hearts have their own theme and resemble a heart-shaped object once activated.

Kizunatchi and Hatokamitchi are the legendary Tamagotchis of the Tama Heart. Kizunatchi helps Lovelitchi and Melodytchi identify and collect Tama Hearts, and she appeared in their Tama Profys when they collected the Ancient Aqua Heart from Tama Desert.

Gathering all the Tama Hearts makes Kizunatchi evolve and is needed to cure Tamagotchi Planet when it is infected by the Egg Curse.


Long, long ago, there were once many Tama Hearts across Tamagotchi Planet. Normal Tamagotchis couldn't see them, but Hatokamitchi, the god of Tama Hearts, could, and he said they were really beautiful. Tama Hearts also keep Tamagotchi Planet alive. But then the Tama Hearts began to disappear at an increasing rate, So Hatokamitchi gave Kizunatchi a job to collect as many Tama Hearts as she could.

Ancient Tama Hearts

Tama-Heart ancient

Original ancient Tama Heart.

Ancient Tama Hearts are found inside ancient, historic Tama Heart murals or frescoes. The only way to get the Tama heart out is to show a close bond of friendship or love in front of the mural. For example, when Lovelitchi and Melodytchi show their close friendship when they perform Happy Heart together.

The first Ancient Tama Heart looks very similar to a normal kizuna Tama Heart. However, it has an extra small heart on the lower right side, attached to the front of the big heart.

Kizuna Tama Hearts

Tama-Heart kizuna

Kizuna Tama Heart

Kizuna Tama Hearts are hearts that will appear when a close friendship, love, or bond is made or strongly expressed. These Tama Hearts are more common than ancient Tama Hearts, and is able to evolve Kizunatchi once all of these hearts are collected to fight against the Egg Curse.

List of Tama Hearts

Kuromame Heart

This was the first Kizuna Tama Heart ever collected. It was formed by a bond between Tomomi and Kuromametchi in episode 98, after they worked together to save Doremitchi and Sopratchi.

Book Heart

This Heart appeared in episode 100 after an elderly Tamagotchi found a book of poems by a mysterious poet she once had a crush on.

Aqua Heart

The Aqua Heart was found in Tama Desert. It looks like a floating blue heart of water with bubbles inside. It appeared when Mametchi and his friends helped the Tama Desert tribe get their water supply back after a long drought.

Christmas Heart

This Tama Heart resembles a Christmas tree shaped as a heart.

Flame Tama Heart

This Tama Heart looks like a floating heart-shaped campfire.

Morimori Heart

This Heart appeared in episode 118 when Moriritchi and Anemoriritchi made up and helped each other after having a fight.

Note Tama Heart

The Note Tama Heart was formed by a bond between Melodytchi and My Friend. It appeared in episode 120 when Melodytchi played Smile For Tomorrow after My Friend returned to the violin.

Flower Tama Heart

Wind Tama Heart

The Wind Heart appeared in episode 123 after Hana Hana Village and Kaze Kaze Village set aside their differences. The Heart came out of a mural on the last Tama-mizuki tree.

Balloon Heart

This heart was formed by the bond between Lovelin and Manenetchi, and appeared after Lovelin saved Manenetchi when she was getting taken away by a balloon. This happened in episode 107, and their bond was rekindled after Manenetchi had been spending more time with Madonnatchi than with Lovelin.

Choco Heart

This Heart appeared thanks to the bond between Tomomi, Kuchipatchi, and Melodytchi, after Tomomi and Kuchipatchi worked together to cheer Melodytchi up when she seemed to be feeling down.

Earth Heart

Mushroom Heart

This heart was formed by the bond between Lovelitchi, her friends, and the residents of Tamagotchi Village. When Pashalin's photos were suddenly deleted, it became the evidence of the existence of the village.

Rainbow Heart

This heart appeared during Tomomi's farewell party. It was formed by a bond between Tomomi and her Tama Friends having closed.

Soccer Heart

This Tama Heart appeared when Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi thought about their lifelong bond while performing a special move to win a soccer competition.

Spacy Heart

This heart appeared when a bond formed between Spacytchi and the main characters of the anime series. It appeared when everyone returned to Tamagotchi Planet after Spacytchi's spaceship unexpectedly took off. The Tama-Friends thanked Spacytchi for the care he showed during the accident.

Stone Heart

This heart appeared when Ishipatchi reunited with his younger sibling; they turned into a Tama Heart mural.

Ice Heart

Possibly the last Tama Heart collected by Lovelitchi and Melodytchi. Ice Heart was formed by a bond between Pichipitchi and her Tama Friends. However, it suddenly disappeared before Lovelitchi and Melodytchi could collect it. The Egg Curse began at this time.

Cooling Heart

Mame Heart

Lovely Heart

Melody Heart

Meme Heart

Kuchi Heart

Himespe Heart


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