Tama Pets (たまペット Tama Petto) are pets of Tamagotchi characters. An example is Mametchi's Tama Pet, Bagubagutchi. They are usually little Tamagotchis that can only say one word, mostly onomatopoeia words, and usually show little to no signs of sentience - HapihapitchiYumecantchiKizunatchi, and Lucky are the only known Tama Pets that can speak like normal Tamagotchis. In the anime, the word Tama Pet can be used for all species of animals, or animal-like Tamagotchis, of Tamagotchi Planet.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

Tama Pets appeared on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 as part of the pure families. There are four Tama Pets, each one belonging to a specific family: Bagubagutchi with the Mame Family, Chitchi with the Meme Family, Onsenmoguratchi with the Kuchipa Family, and Hanatarezoutchi with the Violet Family. The Tama Pets are obtained with the families and can't be interacted with individually.

Tamagotchi iD L

The first Tamagotchi device that had adoptable Tama Pets was the Tamagotchi iD L. The Tama Pets that appear on this device include: Hapihapitchi, Doremitchi, Sopratchi, Bagubagutchi, Chitchi, Onsenmoguratchi, Shurikentchi, Puchiberitchi, Harapparatchi, and Rubytchi. In the iD L Princess Spacy version, Rubytchi is replaced by Kizunatchi.

Tamagotchi P's

Tama Pets reappear and serve the same purpose as in the predecessor, although there are only five different pets that can be adopted - Chapitchi, Doyakentchi, Furilavutchi, Monatototchi and Rinsetchi.

List of Tama Pets

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