Prototypes of the Tama Profys, shown at the Tamagotchi! EXPO 2011.

Tama Profy (たま ハート コレクション たま プロフィ Tama Hāto Korekushon Tama Purofi), also known as Tama Profiles and Tama Heart Collection Tama Profy is a Tamagotchi toy that was released on October 31, 2011.

It is connected to Tama Heart and Kizunatchi from the TV anime, Tamagotchi!. Lovelitchi and Melodytchi both have Tama Profys. Lovelitchi's is pink and Melodytchi's is purple.


Melody Charm reacting to Mametchi's Tama Profy

Lovelitchi asked Mametchi to make her a machine that could get the profile of any Tamagotchi. Mametchi agreed and started to build a machine called Tama Profy.

The first Tama Profy was a success and was big, but when the profile was about be to printed out, the machine exploded. The second and third machines were a success but they also exploded because of the same reason. Then, Mametchi built a fourth Tama Profy based on Tomomi's cellphone. He successfully made a Tama Profy. This one was compact sized.

Tama Profy and Melody Charm fusing together

Mametchi wanted to give Lovelitchi and Melodytchi the Tama Profy he made, but after their performance of Melodytchi and Lovelitchi performing their new song, Happy Heart. After the performance, Mametchi showed them the Tama Profy.

Then, Melodytchi's and Lovelitchi's Melody Charms reacted, and both started glowing. Then, the two fused together, changing the appearance of the Tama Profys. Lovelitchi's became pink and Melodytchi's became purple. Then, a giant Tama Heart appeared out of nowhere, split in two, and went inside the two Tama Profys.


The Tama Profy is similar to a Touch & Slide cellphone. It has no buttons on the front, but has a single button on the left top side of the Tama Profy which is used as a "cancel" button. The games and functions are all used with the touchscreen. It also has a IR Port which can connect to the Himespe Phone and other Tama Profies.



  • The Tama Profy costs 4,179 ¥ (5% tax), according to the Tamagotchi! EXPO 2011.
  • The prototype version of the Tama Profys has no name (Tama Profy) printed on the front.

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Lovelitchi and Melodytchi receiving there Tama Profys and collecting there first legendary plate Tama Heart, Heart Heart. (Episode 97).

Lovelitchi/Lovelin collecting a kizuna heart which transforms into a ballon heart. (Episode 107).

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