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Tama Resort Island (たまリゾーとう Tama Rizotou) is a location on Tamagotchi Planet and serves as the central location the Tamagotchi On. It was born when the Planet itself had a dream about a new resort, and it sprung from its dream and became real.


Tama Resort is a large circular tropical island. It has many palm trees and flowered bushes lining its edges, and a beach. It has several locations accessible from it, most of which are reduced in size to fit on several large display stands throughout the resort; visiting Tamagotchis access them by shrinking down to size before entering. It is accessed via boat from My Town. Tourcontchi works here, serving as a tour guide and shopkeeper both at the Hotel and at the various locations' shops.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

During the first generation, when the Tamagotchi reaches the child stage, attempting to travel will show a scene of the Tama Resort's creation. In the process, this unlocks the first location, the Tama Resort Hotel.

Accessible Locations

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