Tamacom (たまごっちツーシン Tamagotchi tsūshin) is the ability for two Tamagotchi pets to connect and perform a variety of functions, primarily playing games, exchanging presents, and getting married.


The first communicating Tamagotchi pets were the Mesutchi and Osutchi, released in 1997. The only function was for two adult characters to marry and produce offspring. This was done through a pair of connectors at the top of each toy, concealed with a plastic cap and interlocked when the two toys were put together.

In 2004, the Tamagotchi Connection launched and introduced Tamacom. Using infrared rays, the toys could play games, exchange gifts, and produce offspring. Communication between later versions was achieved using Nazotchi, who would appear as a placeholder for characters not on the same two toys. However, this does not apply if a Tamagotchi iD L and a Tamagotchi P's connect.

As of the Tamagotchi 4U in Japan, and the Tamagotchi Friends internationally, Tamacom is now achieved through near-field communication (NFC), dubbed as "touch" in Japan and "bumping" internationally.



The most common option for connecting two virtual pets is to compete in short games. The users do not interact with the pets during the game; the characters play on their own. Despite this, the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus and Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus Akai include games with user interaction.


One Tamagotchi visits the other, and gives a gift. The present may be an item that can be used (such as a ball or roller skates), a static connecting item that makes the character happy (such as a flower or cake), or a bad item that upsets the Tamagotchi (such as poo). The Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 is the first virtual pet not to include this function.

Versions V2 through V4.5 include the ability to wrap purchased gifts and send them to other pets. If the Tamagotchi instead sends a bad gift and laughs, the user may scold the pet, increasing training.


One Tamagotchi visits the other, and they interact on screen. Versions V3 through V4.5 include this function on the virtual pets themselves; the Deka Tamagotchi introduced the original concept. The Tama-Go also had this feature.


When two Tamagotchis of different genders connect enough times, as adults, they may fall in love and produce offspring. When two characters breed, they produce two babies of the same gender, and each adult receives one child. On the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5, the user may choose which character to breed, and whether to receive a mate or send the character to the other Tamagotchi. Though having two Connection Tamagotchis is not necessary to have offspring, in this instance, the matchmaker will still come.

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