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The TamagoChu (恋するたまごっちゅ Koisuru Tamagochu) (Tamago Chu literally meaning "egg kiss") are a special series of Tamagotchi that were released at the end of January 2007. TamagoChu is noted as being a more mature virtual pet, geared toward adult audiences, as opposed to the original preteen girl audience.


TamagoChu devices are slightly larger than the Tamagotchi Mini but smaller than the Original Tamagotchi, and more thick and round, like an actual egg. They are much softer and do not feature the usual cracked screen; rather, a pattern surrounds the screen, and a plastic cover protects both the design and the screen. The battery cover on the back features no screws; instead, there is a button next to the reset button that allows the back piece to slide off when pressed.

TamagoChu eggs also include a fourth button, D, which is shaped like a heart. Above the D button is a teardrop-shaped infrared port. The male egg has the button and infrared port on its right, and the female on the left.


The functions the user can control is connecting the two by pressing them together (so the 'D' buttons touch), checking relationship status, pressing button 'C' for C-click reactions, and checking the clock/time.

Life Cycle

When the TamagoChu is started, a UFO will appear, followed by a clock set screen and a prompt to select one of three teen-stage characters. Once the characters have been selected, they can be named using Hiragana, and up to four syllables can be used. All three teens have a pre-determined Evolution, and after a long period of time (approx. 15+ days) can eventually evolve into Ojitchi and Otokitchi. All characters wake at 7 AM and sleep at 10:30 PM.

The TamagoChu does not die; instead, they will depart back to the Tamagotchi Planet in a UFO. This can happen either if a unit has not connected to another in a long period of time, or a few days after reaching the Senior stage. The TamagoChu has an internal memory, and therefore progress can be resumed, even if the batteries are replaced.


The TamagoChu's growth is determined strictly by how often two units connect with each other. The more frequently two units connect, the stronger their relationship becomes. Once the relationship level is high enough, both units will evolve into adults. As the relationship builds, they will eventually marry and produce babies.

If one TamagoChu unit connects to a different unit from its first, thereby forming a second relationship, it may cause the original relationship to be compromised.


The TamagoChu plays several animations throughout the day, including the characters walking a dog, fishing, eating, playing music, dressing up, reading, drinking beer, and more. Which animations play during the adult stage can vary based on the strength of their current relationship.


  • The TamagoChu excludes a significant number of features typically found on Tamagotchi pets, such as feeding, games, cleaning Poo, Sickness, item collecting, and Training. This makes it the lowest maintenance Tamagotchi release to date.
  • The TamagoChu is unique from other miniature Tamagotchi pets, including the Tamagotchi Nano series, in several ways:
    • It features an internal memory, therefore allowing progress to be continued after changing the battery.
    • It features infrared ports, allowing two devices to connect and build relationships.
  • The segmented ball chain introduced on the TamagoChu would later be used for the original Tamagotchi Nano.
  • The TamagoChu is similar to the Tamagotchi Osutchi and Mesutchi virtual pets, with male and female units that are meant to be connected and reproduce. However, while the Osutchi and Mesutchi were sold separately, TamagoChu pairs are always bundled together in a matching set.


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