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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.
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Release date:
  • Japan: January 2007

The TamagoChu (恋するたまごっちゅ Koisuru Tamagochu) (Tamago Chu literally meaning "egg kiss") are a special series of Tamagotchi that were released at the end of January 2007. They are reminiscent of the Mesutchi and Osutchi series, with many differences. Four sets were released in Japan, with one coming in special packaging.

TamagoChu is noted as being a more mature virtual pet, geared toward the teen and adult audiences, as opposed to the original preteen girl audience.


TamagoChu eggs are slightly larger than the Tamagotchi Mini but smaller than a classic Tamagotchi , and more round, like an actual egg. They are much softer and do not feature the usual cracked screen; rather, a pattern surrounds the screen, and a plastic cover protects both the design and the screen. The battery cover on the back features no screws; instead, there is a button next to the reset button that allows the back piece to slide off when pressed.

TamagoChu eggs also include a fourth button, D, which is shaped like a heart. Above the D button is a teardrop-shaped infrared port. The boy egg has the button and infrared port on its right, and the girl on the left.


Each TamagoChu has a set of characters based on gender. Rather than raise a character, players select one of three teens, who has their own set adult stage.


NOTE: Currently, it is unknown how to achieve Lovetchi.





The TamagoChu is a very simple, low-maintenance pet, but it has a distinct appeal. When the reset tabs are removed, it becomes evident that the TamagoChu are not altogether that similar to a conventional Tamagotchi. A UFO appears briefly on screen, and then a time-set prompt appears. The user is then asked to pick one of three teen characters on the male and female Chu's respectively, as opposed to the usual egg-hatching growth process.

Once the characters have been selected, they can be named using Hiragana, and up to four syllables can be used. Also, the process of mating and building friendships can begin without any neediness or even a baby to take care of.

The functions the user can control is connecting the two by presing them together (so the 'D' buttons touch), checking relationship status, pressing button 'C' for animations, and checking the clock/time.

After the relationship between two Chu's reaches a certain point, they evolve into adults, marry, and begin having children. After a long period of time (approx. 15+ days), they will evolve into senior characters.

If TamagoChu has not connected after a number of days, it will leave for Tamagotchi Planet.

During certain times and phases, special events will happen. Characters wake up at 7:00 AM, sleep at 10:30 PM, and eat supper at 5:00 PM. When an event happens, the toy will beep. Most events happen when the C button is pressed.


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