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Tamagotchi! Classes of Dream School (たまごっち!せーしゅんのドリームスクール Tamagotchi! Sēshun no Dorīmu Sukūru) is a Tamagotchi Nintendo 3DS game released in Japan on November 7, 2013. It is based on the third anime series, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends, and set in Dream School. It contains characters from both the original Tamagotchi! series as well as Yume Kira Dream. Miraitchi and Kururutchi are featured in the game, but Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi don't seem to be present. It sells for ¥4,980.


The game is about attending Dream School and befriending the Tamagotchis to help them with their classes. At first there are only a few mini-games to play, but more classes and difficulty levels are unlocked as the game progresses. The player also has their own room which they are able to remodel, and the Tamagotchis they befriended come over.


  • There is a time travel machine that can allow the player to unlock extra games depending on whether they go to the past or the future.
  • The player can take photos and add Tamagotchi frames and stickers to them.
  • The player can buy stuff at Tama Depa, such as room remodels, stickers, theme backgrounds, and more. Money is earned from playing mini-games.
  • Using the microphone, the player can 'talk' to the Tamagotchis when they visit.
  • They player can collect Dreambakutchis by taking classes enough times.
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The game's logo.


There are four different classes, and each class has two "lessons", which are mini-games. However, using the time machine can unlock even more mini-games.

Robotics Class

  • Screw Screw Robots (ネジネジロボツト Nejineji robotsuto): Make the robots on the conveyer belt by screwing in the screws.
  • Run Run Robo Race (ランランロボレース Ran ran robo rēsu): Beat the other robot in the race while overcoming obstacles.

Performing Arts Class

  • Tama Dance Show (たまダンスショー Tama dansu shō): Slide the stylus in the direction of the arrow to make the Tamagotchi dance.
  • King of TamaTales (キング・オブ・たまコント Kingu・Obu・Tamakonto): Throw the correct hats onto the Tamagotchis performing on stage.

Cosmetics Class

  • Dream Make-Up Removal (ドリームメイクおとし Dorīmumeiku otoshi): Wash the dream make-up off of the Tamagotchi's face.
  • Moxibustion Massage (おきゅうマッサージ Okyū massāji): Use the items to give the Tamagotchi a massage and relax them.

Music Class

  • Let's☆Tama Band (レッツ☆たまバンド Rettsu tama bando): Tap the instruments at the right time to make a song.
  • Marching Tama Band (マーチングたまバンド Māchingu tama bando): Use the stylus to make the characters move and play their instruments.

In addition to the classes, there are two other places to play mini-games.

Miracle Shop

  • Miracle Accessories (みらくるアクセサリー Mirakuru akusesarī): Draw a line that goes from the ring, through the beads, and to the clasp to make a necklace.
  • Miracle Wrapping (みらくるラッピング Mirakuru rappingu)
  • Miracle Frills (みらくるフリル Mirakuru furiru) This game is unlocked using the time machine. The player must sew frills onto the dresses and add decorations.

Tama Bureaus

  • Body Training Bureau (からだきたえぶ Karada kitae bu): The player must rapidly stroke the stylus up and down to help Kuchipatchi rapidly push the button more times than his competitors.
  • Mind Refreshing Bureau (あたまスッキリぶ Atama sukkiri bu)
  • Let's Clean Bureau (おそうじしましょぶ Osouji shimasho bu): The player must help Spacytchi clean the floor.
  • Flattery Bureau (チャラぶ Chara bu): The player must help Charatchi fire his cupid arrow at the right Tamagotchi.
  • Ceremony Bureau (セレぶ Sere bu)


Robotics Class

Performing Arts Class

Cosmetics Class

Music Class

Miracle Shop


  • Kizunatchi is visible in the trailer; however, she is not her evolved form.




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