Tamagotchi! Data Carddass is a brand of Bandai's Carddass products created by Bandai. It was released in March 2010 exclusively in Japan.

Later, there were sequel releases of Tamagotchi! Data Carddass. Such releases were the Tamagotchi! Data Carddass Tama Heart Edition, Data Carddass Tamagotchi Rhythm♪, and the latest Tamagotchi Data Carddass Tama Riz Edition.


The gameplay shown for the first snapshot of Tamagotchi! Data Cardass

The game consists of interacting with Tamagotchi characters. To talk to the Tamagotchis, players are required to use a Data Carddass card, known as "Character Cards." These character cards contain different characters the player can interact with.

Players talk to Tamagotchis through the phone attached to the game. There are also a variety of conversations depending on the card scanned. So a variety of different character cards have different dialogues and themes. During conversation, players may be presented with multiple choice responses they can say to the conversing Tamagotchi. On the left side of the screen, is the relationship meter. It rises or lowers based on decisions the player makes. Also, players may bring up a second Tamagotchi character by scanning another character card, which may expand and vary the conversation.

There are also a variety of minigames which can be played by hanging up the phone or through certain sequences during conversation.

Interactable Characters


Tama Heart Edition

Tama Riz Edition

  • TBA



たまごっち_.mp4 『カードでちゃくしん_たまごっち』Tamagotchデータカードダス テルリン

Tama Heart Edition

Tama Riz Edition

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