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Tamagotchi! Town (たまごっち! タウン) on Banafes! Town are three anime Tamagotchi! based theme park areas. They are Tama Street (With Tamamori Shop and TamaCafe), Tamamo Room (Moriritchi's bedroom) and TamaDepa (Based on TamaDepa on Takeshita Street, Harajuku).

Tamagotchi! Town is also connected to Club Tamagotchi. Where the points are used from both Banafesu Town! and Club Tamagotchi (

Area activities

Tamagotchi theme items can be bought at TamaDepa with Depagatchi. Most of the items are clothing and there is many to choose from, including a Depagatchi Outfit.

At Tamamo Room, for your first visit, Lovelitchi will give you two Tamagotchi iD Ls, one pink and one blue. One can be worn around your neck to play with in only Tamamo Room and Tama Street. Once after using, you will collect one Tamagotchi character stamp. There are 9 stamps in total for each character, and three characters in total, Mametchi, Lovelitchi and Melodytchi. Once you complete a whole group of one Tamagotchi character's stamps, you will receive a special Tamagotchi item.

There are two games in Tamagotchi! Town. One can be found at TamaDepa, when you click Melodytchi. The second at Tamamo Room, when you click Moriritchi.


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