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(映画! たまごっち うちゅーいちハッピーな物語!? Ēga! Tamagotchi Uchū Ichi Happī na Monogatari!?) is the second Tamagotchi feature film. It opened in Japanese theaters on December 20, 2008, and was released on DVD on June 26, 2009. It is a sequel to the movie Tamagotchi: The Movie. The movie was also released in French on February 17, 2010, Hindi on January 23, 2011, and Chinese on July 05, 2011.

MadMan was planning on translating it to English, but they never revealed an English release date. However, an English dub exists (although it is very rare) and has been aired on television it some countries such as the Philippines.


At Tamagotchi School, the Tamagotchi children wait for the flying library to arrive. Mr. Turtlepedia and Principal Mimizu makes a brief intro about the Flying Library, run by the Otogitchi brothers. While talking about the kind of books they would like to read, another young student adds a rude comment to Mametchi's dream. Chamametchi recognizes him as Kikitchi, a new student in her class. Mametchi then explains to Kikitchi that the flying library is a flying ship that contains magical books that children are magically transported into and made the main character when they read them. Just then, Kikitchi's sensitive hearing picks up the sound of the ship's horn. Although no one else can hear it, the ship appears after a minute. The Otogitchi Siblings, who take care of the library, bring the ship down, and let down a flight of stairs, which the Tamagotchi children eagerly climb up.

Down in the library, the children eagerly grab various books and open them, which causes various objects to pop out. The Tamagotchi children then jump into different books by chanting a special spell: "Picture book,*puipui*, here I come!", causing them to transport into the story with a whirl of pink magical whirl. The title theme then plays as the Tamagotchi go on their various adventures inside their stories. Chamametchi flies on a magic carpet to a castle in the sky; Mametchi relaxes on a machine in the ocean, which he then goes into and flies away into space in; Memetchi goes to an elegant party in a castle and meets a prince, which she and Makiko fight over; Kuchipatchi eats endlessly in a land made entirely out of candy; and various other Tamagotchi children dance and fly in other lands of music and letters. The last person to be seen is Kikitchi, who sits on a leaf alone looking at the sky. Next to him, his scarf has been taken off, showing he has no interest in the story he is in.

After the children exit their stories and are starting to leave the library, Kikitchi hears a small voice calling out for help. However, due to the fact that he can hear smaller sounds than others, no one else can hear it, and tell him he must be hearing things. As Kuchipatchi, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Chamametchi tell about what happened while they were in their stories, Makiko and Memetchi get into an argument over the prince that had been in their story. As they are walking, Kikitchi makes them fall by throwing banana peels in front of them. As he laughs, Memetchi asks him if he enjoyed his story. He responds that he didn't like it at all.

Meanwhile, Mametchi has an idea for an invention, and he rushes home, not before yelling and startles his friends. Later on that night, Chamametchi saw her brother in his room with confusing and complicated mathematic formulas, written all over the floor. Mametchi explains to a sleepy Chamametchi that he's studying about "happiness" after getting an idea from her. "I want to share the happiness with Kikitchi!", inspiring him. Chamametchi excitedly compliments him.

Sunnytchi can be seen in a hot tub with with Principal Mimizu talking about Mametchi's latest invention. While at school, Ms Perfect assigned her students to a new project: planting a Jolly Tree, a special seed that grows differently depending on how they are cared for. A montage begins where Kuchipatchi buries his Jolly Seed, Memetchi watering hers and Mametchi using a chain of reaction to indirectly take care of it.

Later on, Mametchi brought in his room a bunch of equipments to prepare for his "Happiness Project" with Chamametchi, Kuchipatchi and Memetchi helping him and rooting for him. Most of the attempts went wrong tho, always exploding in everyone's face. Meanwhile, the Jolly Trees of his friends has grown big and strong while he's still busy with his own project. Finally Mametchi could get his experiment right and he invites his friends over to watch him complete it. However, when it was being activated, a bunch of miscellanious items fell inside the experimental bubble: A toy caterpillar that Bagubagutchi was chasing after, which Chamametchi trips on and spills the beverages she brought in, she fell into Memetchi, making her drop her mirror inside, along with a stray feather on Kuchipatchi's nose. All of them fell in, causing the bubble to grow brightly and explodes, shaking the house. The doors had to be opened to release its pink gas, then Mametchi runs to his friends, asking if everybody's okay. From the resulted explosion, a small lamb-like creature covered in pink sparkles appears. It is pink, fluffy and has a heart stalk on its head. Everybody was in awe, then creature flies upward while saying "Happy happy!" then barks for a few times. It howls happily then clumsily flies down in an adorable way. The small creature thanks Mametchi for inventing her. Mametchi explains that he did not expect his experiment to become and actual living thing and this is unexpected. Everyone introduces themselves to her and she greets them politely. He explains her functionality: the creature can absorb the feelings of others and use it to make other people happy. Mametchi decides to call his new creature "Hapihapitchi".

Hapihapitchi's birthday is celebrated while she goes around and gathers happiness of everyone. Just then, an advertisement for Celebria, a newly built super shopping mall, showing many of its wonders and attractions. Everyone then agrees to go there for a ride. However, someone is not as happy as them. Kikitchi has to eat a large meal on his own. He is full after one bite, and turns on his TV. He sees the earlier advertisement for Celebria. Kikitchi's parents then appear on TV, explaining that they built Celebria as a place where all Tamagotchis could go to have fun. Kikitchi sadly turns off the TV, and watches fireworks from outside his window.

Hapihapitchi begins to use her power to make people happy. She goes to a wedding, a hot tub area, a family household and many more places to collect happiness, all the while saying"Happy happy!". She arrives at the Tamagotchi School and cheers up Professor Flask, making amends for Otokitchi and Ojitchi and helps so much more unhappy individuals, making her and Mametchi famous. Everyone goes around the two and begin thanking them, flattering Mametchi and Hapihapitchi. Hapihapitchi states her purpose:"By delivering happiness, I put bright smiles on everyone!"

The due date of Ms Perfect's Jolly Tree assingment has come. Everyone drew a painting of their Jolly Trees, with Memetchi's and Makiko's trees being equally beautiful, Violetchi (called Flowertchi in the anime) is nicely drawn and Kuchipatchi seems to be taking the lead, with his tree being the tallest. While Mametchi gazes at evryone's Jolly Tree, Ringotchi suddenly brings up his tree. The entire class was really surprised that Mametchi's 'tree' is still a sprout, due to being neclegted without his own direct care. Hapihapitchi senses Mametchi's sadness and cheers him up by using her happy power. This cheers Mametchi up instantly and he thanks her for helping him.

A train ride to Celebria is shown, Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Hapihapitchi and their respective families are seen on board. The train then announces the arrival and everyone starts going around happily. A montage is shown where everybody are having fun in Celebria, with many wonders and fun places. When the montage ends, they all meet up at a big fast food restaurant. Hapihapitchi cheerfully states that there's lots of happiness. However, her smile goes down when she senses someone is unhappy. That someone is Kikitchi, isolating himself in a corner.

The gang meets up with Kikitchi in the corner while he seems visibly annoyed. Everyone is really surprised to hear that he lives in Celebria. However, Kikitchi quickly declines when Chamametchi and everyone invites him to join along. He then runs way after seeing Mamametchi and Papamametchi around the corner.

Kikitchi, with the friends in close pursuit chases after him over a series of attractions. After cornering him on top of a tall tower, Kikitchi is surrounded and gives in. Hahapitchi is given a direct order from Mametchi to help him, which she then attempts to use her power on Kikitchi, but her efforts were proven futile when Kikitchi remains sad. Hapihapitchi is upset and asks him why is he sad. Kikitchi lashes out at her "Its none of your business!" He rants about the fact that he doesnt want to be happy and dont want to be forced to do so. yelling that forcing people to be happy is "nonsense". Memetchi berates him of such words and he replies that he just wants to be alone. Hapihapitchi apologizes to Kikitchi and promises that next time she will make him happy, however Kikitchi makes her shut up and that he doesn't want others to decide whether he's happy or not. This brought Mametchi to realization. Over time, Mametchi begins to notice that Hapihapitchi is actually making people unhappy; they now depend on Hapihapitchi to make them happy when they are upset. When his experiments failed again, Professor Flask dances around and yelled hysterically that as long as Hapihapitchi is there to make him happy, it won't be a problem. Otokitchi and Ojitchi demands Hapihapitchi to make them happy again, to the point they refuse to apologize to eachother. More and more problems arise and it turns out Kikitchi was right. After Hapihapitchi attempts to cheer him up, Mametchi stops her and tells Hapihapitchi not to use her powers on anyone until he can figure out what to do. Hapihapitchi is generally confused but obligates anyway.

Meanwhile, Kikitchi is lying in his bed, remembering something from his childhood. A group of younger Tamagotchis were talking about the festival coming up on the next day while Kikitchi was leaning on the tree. With his big ears, he could hear the tree talk and that it would rain tomorrow, on the day of the festival. However, when Kikitchi talked to the kids about what he heard, the kids suddenly yells at him and start chanting "Liar, liar, liar", telling him he's a horrible person. This event supposedly traumatized Kikitchi and he cried himself to sleep when the flashback ended.

At school, the flying library comes again. Kikitchi, who is hiding in a corner, hears the small voice calling out for help again, and begins to search for the source. Hapihapitchi also senses the unhappiness that is connected with the voice, and she begs Mametchi to let her do her job. The gang and Kikitchi begin to search for the voice. As Kikitchi, Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, and Hapihapitchi run into each other, a book opens up at their feet, entitled "The World's Happiest Story". After a short argument, everyone decides to enter the story. Before entering, they asked Kikitchi to come along. At first, he doesn't want to but reluctantly goes in. They enter the book, where they notice that, unlike the other magical books in the library, they don't become the main character. The story tells of a man named Happy who lived with his dog named Lucky. Because his name is "Happy", he is determined to become the happiest man in the world, so he sets off on a journey, leaving behind his home and his dog. He becomes rich and a hero, but he still isn't the happiest man in the world. The characters find Happy, but he states that he doesn't want their help. As the Tamagotchis follow Happy through the various pages of the story, they notice that the story loops; the end simply brings them back to the beginning. Kikitchi notices that Happy acts similar to how he acted, and he begins to feel bad. However, before the Tamagotchis can help Happy, the school bell rings, and they have to leave the library. Unknown to anyone else, Kikitchi leaves the Library, bringing the book with him.

Back at home, Kikitchi puts the book on his bed and noticed that it was acting strange, jumping around the room. Kkitchi thinks about Happy, thinking he must be lonely too. Unable to wait, Kikitchi enters the book. As he does, however, a tornado of paper engulfs Celebria, and causes the Tamagotchis caught in the tornado to become two-dimensional and paper-like. Reportchi is quick to deliver the news and after hearing what just happen

ed, Monsieur Kikipapa and Madame Kiki, Kikitchi's parents, exclaimed that they couldn't contact Kikitchi. Mametchi's family sees the news report on TV, and Chamametchi and Mametchi instantly think of Kikitchi. The family then heads to Mame Laboratories to discuss the problem with other scientists.

At the laboratory, one of the scientists explains that the last page in Happy's story had been torn out, so that he is unable to complete his story. Over time, the book had become unstable, and Kikitchi entering the story caused it to become unstable enough to affect the real world. If the paper tornado keeps advancing at such a pace, the Tamagotchi Planet will turn into pictured book with everything in chaos due to how fragile the they become. The only way to save the world was to have Otogitchi, the captain of the flying library, write a new ending with a magic crayon. Meanwhile, Papamametchi reluctantly allows Mametchi and his friends to enter the story to save Kikitchi, since only children can enter these books.

Mametchi and his friends enter the book on the flying library ship. In the book, Kikitchi is talking with Happy, who is beginning to believe he will never be happy. The flying ship, after passing through several shredded pieces of the book, finally finds them, where Otogitchi explains to Happy that they have to write a new ending to the story. As Happy decides his endings, Brother Otogitchi blows his Shofar Horn while Sister Otogitchi uses the magical crayon to write them out. He wish for a whole jungle of bananas to eat (while the tornado outside has become shaped like a banana). However, when he attempts to eat it, the entire jungle evaporates, meaning it isn't the correct ending.

Outside, the situation is getting worse when the tornado suddenly increases its speed, quickly engulfing everything in its way. This forces everyone to run. While Mr Turtlepedia is running, he fell on his shell, unable to get up. PapaMametchi runs to his rescue and is completely swallowed. Mamametchi cries out to her husband, but the two returned safely, but has become two-dimensional.

Back inside the book, Happy and the gang attempts to create another ending. He wanted to marry the most beautiful princess and becomes a prince. A large castle appeared but soon fades away to the disappointment of everyone. Happy tries to to think of another ending but they "all feel wrong". When he begins to become discouraged, the other Tamagotchis begin to give him ideas of what makes them happy. Kikitchi's idea, which is when someone says "hello" to him during class. Everyone agrees with him and Hapihapitchi exclaims that Kikitchi is feeling happy. Everyone realizes that being connected to others is the most important key to happiness. However, Happy screams in distraught that he has never been connected to anyone. This causes the book to fall apart even faster, with Happy's purple door disinegrating. As the book's fragments breaks away, Sister Otogitchi narrowly avoids them and nearly fall, if it wasn't for Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi to catch her in time. The crayon didn't have that luck and drifts away on another paper fragment. As stated by Brother Otogitchi, the story can't be finished without the crayon.

Everyone have no choice but to leave the failing story. Mametchi rushes Happy on board but he refuses. Kikitchi tries to get him up, but Brother Otogitchi sadly agrees with him. Happy states that he can't leave the book as he is the protagonist of the story, even if he wants to. Hearing this, Kikitchi, then Mametchi and the others joins along with him. The book begins to break apart even further, causing the Flying Ship to loses balance. The gang runs toward Happy's half broken door while the Ship catches up with them. Soon enough, the door is no more. The Ship grabs ahold of the fragment and Brother Otogitchi told them that this is their last chance of escaping. Haphapitchi then begs Mametchi to let her use her happy power and that she's full of them right now. Mametchi hesitated, but Haphapitchi beckons him to end her break and that she wants to make Happy happy. Mametchi agrees and Hapihapitchi begins her task.

She pushes her power to maximixe all the while happily tells her story of happiness and how she wants to spread them far. She surrounds Happy with moments of happiness, both her own and Happy's locked away memories. This has a large impact on Happy himself, making him remembers his childhood with his dog Lucky. "Living together was fun." he said, but he regrets of not figuring out sooner. Kikitchi sees the magic crayon from afar and begins to use leftover fragments as a bridge, despite the warnings of danger. He managed to retrieve the crayon but the fragment disappear beneath him and he falls. Hapihapitchi flies to him, using her happy dust to boost her acceleration but this proves too much of a task for her. Through the use of Kuchipatchi, Kikitchi and Hapihapitchi returns safely. Happy has decided his ending: he wants to go back to his home as it was before he left. Otogitchi Sister restores the broken door with the magic crayon. The book vibrates heavily, causing everyone to freak out and jumps on Mametchi's back. Happy pushes the door open and a bright light spread throughout the book. This means the ending is the correct one.

Everything in the book returns to normal, just like how they started. In the outside world, the paper tornado is retracting its steps and backs away. Everyone who were turned two-dimensional poofs back to how they were. The light shines brightly as the Tamagotchi citizens cheers. Back in the book, everyone is celebrating their victory and dances. From Happy's house, and figure walks up to him and tackles him happily. It was Lucky, Happy's dog and he was also the one who called for help. And Kikitchi was the only one who could hear him.

Mametchi compliments Kikitchi and Hapihapitchi, only to realize she is missing. Hapihapitchi is seen lying in a field, with her heart stalk blinking, signifying low happiness. Mametchi explains that Hapihapitchi uses happiness as her main source of happiness. She exhaust half of them to restores Happy's memories and a large portion of them to save Kikitchi. Without any happiness, Hapihapitchi would die. Then, Hapihapitchi gets up, barely standing straight. She restates her purpose, to deliver happiness while everyone tell her that it's ok now. She tells everyone that she had made a promise with Kikitchi, to give him happiness. She lowers her head and cries, apologizing that she couldn't make him happy. She struggles to fly upward and weakly sprinkles her last happiness over Kikitchi, making him realize everything she've been working for and brings in bitter memories of how he mistreated her. Finally, Hapihapitchi finished her job and collapses, completely immmobile. Kikitchi tearfully apologizes, to Hapihapitchi and the entire gang. Memetchi asked if there's anything they can do and Mametchi tells everyone that Hapihapitchi needs happiness to absorb, but no one can be happy while Hapihapitchi is about to die. Howver, they forgot about one importantant candidate: Happy. He offers to help Hapihapitchi just like how everyone helped him and Lucky. He approaches Hapihapitchi, picks her up, and tells her that he is the happiest man in the world. Suddenly, the heart stalk goes limp for a bit and glows brightly, Hapihapitchi's health is restored. She levitates and receives the biggest happiness in the world and she springs back to life. As the gang stare in awe, Hapihapitchi descends and seems oblivious to what happen. Everyone is relieved nonetheless and tackles for a group hug. The Tamagotchi wave goodbye to Happy and Lucky, and leave the book on the flying ship. The story has come to an ending that couldn't be better: Happy reunited with Lucky and he has finally found true happiness at last, concluding the Happiest Story in the Universe.

Back in the real world, the citizens of Tamatown celebrate the return of the heroes. Kikitchi's parents comfort him, by promising to make more time for him from now on. Happily, Kikitchi introduces his parents to his new friends.

The end credits show Tamatown being cleaned up after the paper tornado, and the Tamagotchi children continuing to enjoy the magical story books. A picture inside the wall of Mametchi's home also shows a brief picture of Tanpopo, the main heroine from the first Tamagotchi film.


Character Japanese Version
Mametchi / まめっち / 麻每吉 Rie Kugimiya
Chamametchi / ちゃまめっち / 美眉麻每吉 Yūko Gibu
Memetchi / めめっち / 美眉吉 Ryōka Yuzuki
Kuchipatchi / くちぱっち / 咕嘰叭吉 Asami Yaguchi
Kikitchi / ききっち / 吱吱吉 Junko Takeuchi
Hapihapitchi / ハピハピっち / 快樂吉 Satomi Kōrogi
Happy / Shiawasē'nyo / シアワセーニョ / 幸福小紅 Daisuke Sakaguchi
Brother Otogitchi / おとぎっち兄/童話吉兄 Unknown
Sister Otogitchi / おとぎっち妹/童話吉妹 Unknown
Lucky / ラッキー Unknown
Omututchi / ぱんつっち Azusa Enoki

New Characters


Main article: Kikitchi

A new stubborn but lonely student at Tamagotchi School, with big ears that can hear everything around him.


Main article: Hapihapitchi

Mametchi's happy, light-hearted artificial life invention, that tries to make everyone happy.

Anime version of the Magical Flying Library Ship from the movie.

Brother Otogitchi & Sister Otogitchi

Main article: Otogitchi

The owners of the Magical Flying Library Ship.


Main article: Happy

The main character and hero in the World's Happiest Story book.


Main article: Lucky

Happy's dog and also known as the mystery, telepathy voice coming from the World's Happiest Story book.

Songs featured in the movie

Opening Song

Tamagotchi (たまごっち Tamagotchi) Happy Japanese Version by Kigurumi (キグルミ).

Ending Song

Legendary Green Flash (グリーンフラッシュ伝説 Gurīn Furasshu Densetsu) by Pabo (パボ).

Name in Other Languages

Japanese: 映画! たまごっち うちゅーいちハッピーな物語!?

Chinese: 塔麻可吉 宇宙第一的快乐物语!?

French: Tamagotchi: Le Film! La Plus Belle Histoire de L'Univers


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