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Tamagotchi: The Movie (known in Japan as えいがでとーじょー! たまごっち ドキドキ! うちゅーのまいごっち!? Eiga de Tōjō! Tamagotchi Dokidoki! Uchū no Maigotchi!?, literally meaning Appearing on Film! Tamagotchi: Heart-Throbbing! Lost Child In Space!?) is the first Tamagotchi adaptation to be directed by Joji Shimura, the first full-length Tamagotchi feature film, and the second overall, after Tamagotchi Honto no Hanashi, which was a short film. It was released in theaters by Toho on December 15, 2007, and on DVD on July 23, 2008 in Japan. The movie was released on June 1, 2009 in English and on May 1, 2009 in Mandarin. The movie was released on December 28th, 2009 in the USA with the Tamagotchi Music Star Bundle Pack.

A sequel, Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!, was released in Japan the following year.


Character Japanese English Dub
Tanpopo Noriko Shitaya Megan Harvey
Mametchi Rie Kugimiya Stephanie Sheh
Memetchi Ryōka Yuzuki Stephanie Sheh
Kuchipatchi Asami Yaguchi Evelyn Lantto
Chamametchi Yuko Gibu Michelle Laikowski
Papamametchi Tokuyoshi Kawashima Ed Paul
Mamametchi Yoshino Takamori Veronica Taylor
Flowertchi Hinako Sasaki Veronica Taylor
KuroMametchi Nanae Katō Johnny Yong Bosch
Makiko Kazuko Sugiyama Kether Donahue
Ciaotchi Nana Takano Bella Hudson
Young Mametchi Natsuki Yoshihara Stephanie Sheh
Ringotchi AKIKO (Akiko Kikuchi) Eileen Stevens
Togetchi Jun Konno Veronica Taylor
Ms. Perfect Kurumi Mamiya Evelyn Lantto
Reportchi Aiko Kaitō Bella Hudson
Shingotchi Shingo Fujimori Jamie McGonnigal
Atchi Atsuhiko Nakata Wayne Grayson
Mr. Dictionary Turtle (Mr. Turtlepedia) Naoki Tatsuta Ed Paul
Papapatchi Katsuyuki Konishi
Mamapatchi Akiko Kawase Bella Hudson
MemeMamatchi Masako Jō Rebecca Soler
Mamesunnytchi (Mametaiyoutchi) Miyu Ōtake Alissa Brodsky
Bagubagutchi Hinako Sasaki Evelyn Lantto
Monkeytchi Yuri Naoi Marc Thompson


Mametchi sad.png Spoilers Below!

This section contains major plot-progressing story elements!

The movie starts off on Tamagotchi Planet where Mametchi just finished his new invention. At the same time on Earth, Tanpopo goes off to deliver a forgotten item to her mother. Tanpopo and Mametchi are about to become older siblings, and they are wondering if they can handle the responsibilities of being siblings. Next, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi arrive at Mametchi's house just in time to see Mametchi take a test of his new "Forwarding Machine" for the first time. In the time between activation and the start of "forwarding", (7000 seconds), several unlikely events (involving Kuchipatchi) result in the aim of the Forwarding Machine to go off course, and Tanpopo is brought to Tamagotchi Planet. Everyone screams, and she is thrilled to see her favorite Tamagotchis in person, but soon realizes that she can't get home. Fortunately, Papamametchi, Mamametchi, and their egg come in, and Papamametchi explains that they will invent a rocket and a way to send her back at the exact time she left. Relieved, Tanpopo looks forward to the time she will spend living with Mametchi on Tamagotchi Planet until she can return home. The next day Tanpopo gets a tour round Tamatown, who's occupants are busy preparing for the King's birthday.

Tanpopo goes to school to learn with the others (she sits next to Kuchipatchi). During the science class, an explosion causes the room to go up smoke and grow dark. Everyone is fine, but Mametchi crouches on the floor in fear. Later while eating with Tanpopo, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi, Mametchi explains that since he was a small child who was once trapped in a dark place, he has been afraid of the dark ever since. He tried many ways to get over his fear, but could not, and he fears he will be an embarrassment to his little sibling. So he built the Forwarding Machine to bring himself his own private sun to follow him and give him light. The others are sympathetic, and Mametchi decides to begin experiments to make himself one, as he hoped.

One day, Papamametchi and Mamametchi go out, and Mametchi and Tanpopo stay home to watch the egg, but not before giving Tanpopo a key that will take her back to the time when she was forwarded to Tamagotchi Planet...all she needs now is the rocket, which is still being built. Though several unlikely yet hilarious events, the egg bounds out the window, rolls down the street, and eventually falls into some balloons that end up caught on the top of a very high building. Reportchi breaks the story on live TV, and soon all of Tamagotchi Planet is watching Mametchi try to save the egg. Mametchi catches the egg, but falls off the building. Tanpopo catches Mametchi, but they both fall. Memetchi throws a rope to stop their fall, but she falls as well. Fortunately, KuroMametchi is watching and, through a use of Kuchipatchi, everyone is saved. The parents are not angry, as Mametchi took responsibility and did what it took to save the egg, which soon hatches and is Mametchi's sister, Mimifuwatchi, later appearing to become ChaMametchi.

A montage of events follow, as ChaMametchi grows to a kindergarten age Tamagotchi while Mametchi finally succeeds in creating "Mamesunnytchi", a little sun that will follow Mametchi everyone and always provide him with light. But just as this happened, the real Sunnytchi (Tamagotchi Planet's sun) was flying overhead. The rocket for Tanpopo is complete, and Papamametchi hands Tanpopo a manual for working the rocket. When Mametchi and Tanpopo ran to the Mame Invention Center, Mametchi said he wanted Tanpopo to stay until she could see the birthday celebrations for the King.

The next morning, it was dark outside. Sunnytchi was nowhere to be found, and thus Tamagotchi Planet has no light from its sun. Mametchi and the others find this odd, but go to school anyway. Somehow ChaMametchi follows Mametchi to school, and after a short argument (though she is still happy), Mametchi agrees to let her come for the day. During more preparations, the school teacher says "Everyone cheer for Tamagotchi Planet's Largest Birthday Cake!" Everyone agreed, but they hear a sneeze, and they are violently thrown into the air! It was soon discovered that Tamagotchi Planet had caught a cold. Mametchi ran to the MameMame Lab to try to help, and overheard Principal Mimizu explaining that Sunnytchi had left a note. Mametchi is crushed, crying and thinking that all of the current problems are his fault, and goes to bed without talking to anybody.

Mametchi spends some time brooding in his bed until finally coming to a decision. He sneaks out of the house by himself and went to the completed rocket. He tried to launch it himself, but without the manual he couldn't figure out how. Suddenly, Tanpopo, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi appeared. They all knew that Mametchi was thinking of going to search for Sunnytchi and wanted to help. With the manual that Tanpopo brought, they were about to take off...but just before the countdown ended, ChaMametchi boarded the rocket, and they had no choice but to take her with them.

From above Tamagotchi Planet, they could see a slightly different sight: instead of drool coming from its mouth, there was water running out of Tamagotchi Planet's nose. Suddenly, Papamametchi and the other scientists appeared on the video screen and demanded that they return. But when Mametchi tells Papamametchi about how he knew that Sunnytchi leaving was his fault, how Papamametchi was not angry about the egg incident because of Mametchi taking responsibility, and that he's doing the same here, Papamametchi reluctantly agrees. But Papamametchi also tells Mametchi that the scientists had worked all night developing medicine for Tamagotchi World, and had mounted it on top of the rocket. They have only one medicine capsule, and only one chance of administering it to Tamagotchi World. Mametchi says he will push the button to launch the medicine...but as he's about to do so, ChaMametchi jumps into his lap, and the medicine is shot well below its mouth. All appears to be lost for the Tamagotchis, but as luck would have it, the gob of runny nose liquid dips down low enough for the medicine to get stuck to the very bottom, and Tamagotchi Planet sucks it all up into his nose, and the medicine is somehow successfully administered.

At this point, Mametchi is about to go in search of Sunnytchi, but while the medicine is doing its work inside of Tamagotchi Planet, its nose gets tickled, and it lets out a mighty sneeze that sends the rocket far, far away, and outside of radio contact with the Tamagotchi World. Mametchi finally reaches the breaking point and rails against ChaMametchi, and tells her to be quiet, and that she is to blame for always following him around and not listening to him. ChaMametchi starts crying. Tanpopo tells Mametchi he said too much, and takes ChaMametchi into another room to comfort her. Meanwhile, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi are actually relieved, because they were worried that Mametchi and ChaMametchi had not been fighting, that it was natural for siblings to get on each others' last nerves, but that they were family, would eventually make up, and their bond would be stronger as a result.

Mametchi and the others join Tanpopo and ChaMametchi for several minutes of heartwarming bonding, where Mametchi and ChaMametchi make up, and Tanpopo now knows what's in store for her when her younger sibling is born and is no longer afraid of that responsibility. But the bonding comes to an abrupt end by the violent shaking of the ship, and they return to the command center to find that there are all sorts of objects flying towards them, and that they are drifting towards Mametchi's worst nightmare...a black hole!

Mametchi attempts to fire the retro rockets, but they can't escape the pull of the black hole. Suddenly, communications with the MameMame Lab was restored, and they were also with many of Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi's family and friends. Mametchi explained that they were being pulled towards a black hole...but one of the scientists looked and realized that that was not a black hole...it was Blackholetchi! Blackholetchi was sleeping, and sucking in everything around him, and they realized that the only way to save themselves was to wake him up. Mametchi activated the loudspeaker and every on the ship screamed out to try and awaken Blackholetchi...but a meteoroid slammed into the ship and blocked up the hole so that no sound could come out. In desperation, Mametchi and Tanpopo put on spacesuits to go out and try to dislodge the meteoroid, and Mametchi left his Mamesunnytchi behind to provide light and watch over the others. Tanpopo and Mametchi were successful in dislodging the meteoroid, but another hit saw Mametchi get sent flying away from the ship. Tanpopo jumped off and caught Mametchi just as Mametchi's tether broke, but Tanpopo and Mametchi were still in a very perilous situation.

With the meteoroid dislodged, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and ChaMametchi started shouting at Blackholetchi again. Soon all of the people in the Mame Invention Center joined in, and the calls started spreading throughout Tamagotchi Planet. Up to this point Mametchi himself has been paralyzed by fear, but at the pleading of Tanpopo, he is finally able to overcome his fear of the dark, and joins in the call to awaken Blackholetchi. However, Tanpopo tether also breaks, and Tanpopo and Mametchi are sucked inside of Blackholetchi.

After several seconds of everyone registering the shock, ChaMametchi starts screaming for Blackholetchi to wake up once more, and soon all of Tamagotchi Planet has joined in the call of "Please wake up, Blackholetchi!", to the point where Tamagotchi Planet himself makes a loud cry. This finally reaches Blackholetchi, who finally awakes from his slumber. At that point Mametchi is calling out from within Blackholetchi, and the universe's largest Tamagotchi apologizes and returns them to the ship.

Just when all appears to have been resolved, communications are once again cut off, and a bright light appears in the cabin. From back in the Mame Invention Center, they note that the rocket has used up all of its power, and thus has no way of returning to Tamagotchi Planet. Everyone starts crying (except Papamametchi, Memepapatchi, Mr. Dictionary Turtle, Mamemametchi, Kuromametchi, and Principal Mimizu, who still feel sad, and Makiko, who has fainted), but suddenly Mametchi's voice is heard announcing that they have returned! The light that had entered their cabin was that of the returning Sunnytchi, who brought them all back to Tamagotchi Planet (Sunnytchi later explained that the real reason he left was to go on a hot springs tour) and finally everyone is able to rejoice once more.

The celebration for the King's birthday begins, and a spectacular parade through TamaTown is shown. But midway through, Papamametchi finds Tanpopo and tells her that, while the rocket will require a lot more time and repairs to get ready, Cometchi is about to fly by Tamagotchi World is willing to take Tanpopo back to Earth. Hastily Tanpopo, Mametchi and his family, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi go to the meadow to meet Cometchi. Tanpopo finally opens up the bag that she was supposed to be taking to her mother, and sees it is the dress that she had worn when she was a newborn. ChaMametchi cries that she doesn't want Tanpopo to go,mametchi was so upset with teary eyes and a tearful farewell is had by all, with the Tamagotchis promising to never forget her. Tanpopo and the Tamagotchis did a group hug and cried tears of both joy and sorrow.

Tanpopo is back at her desk in her room, at just before the time she was forwarded to Tamagotchi Planet. She wonders if it was all a dream until she sees the key that they had made for her. Just then her mother calls, and Tanpopo tells her she's about to deliver her bag.

The credits roll to a montage of scenes from The Earth and Tamagotchi Planet, showing the Mametchi, ChaMametchi, and friends adjusting to life after Tanpopo's departure, and Tanpopo's life with her family and new baby brother. In the end, Tanpopo is in her room when a light shines from a box, and she sees her Tamagotchi toy that she had left behind in Tamagotchi World (which did not work in Tamagotchi World itself for some reason) From it she receives a letter from Mametchi telling her that she's returning her item, and that they will use this to tell them about the events of Tamagotchi World from time to time. Tanpopo returns a message in her mind, saying that her little brother is loud and selfish, but that she loves him very much just the same.

New Characters


Tanpopo (Japanese:たんぽぽ Chinese:蒲公英) (meaning dandelion) is a young human girl that Mametchi accidentally transported to the Planet Tamagotchi.

About to become an older sister, the plot of the film revolves around her coming to terms with her new responsibilities, while helping Mametchi with his own.


Chamametchi (Japanese:ちゃまめっち Chinese:美眉麻每吉) is the younger sister of Mametchi. She wears a small, frilly dress, a white diaper, and has pink ears with a bow.

Songs featured in the movie

Tamagotchi (たまごっち, Tamagotchi) Japanese Version by Kigurumi

Tamagotchi (たまごっち Tamagotchi) English Version by Stephanie Sheh and friends.

Chiisana Hoshi no You ni / Like a Little Star (ちいさな星のように Chiisana Hoshi no Youni) by Kigurumi

Name in Other Languages

Japanese: えいがでとーじょー!たまごっち ドキドキ!うちゅーのまいごっち!? (Appearing on Film! Tamagotchi: Child Lost In Space!?) (Tamagotchi: Dokidoki! Uchuu no Maigotchi!?)

Chinese: 塔麻可吉TAMAGOTCHI DOKIDOKI! 星球大暴走!?

Italian: Persi Nello Spazio! Tamagotchi The Movie



  • When Zukyutchi dances offscreen during the parade, his chest and stomach are pink like the rest of his body for the last few frames he is onscreen.

Italian Dub

  • Mamametchi is often referred to as "Mamamametchi."
  • At some point near the end of the film, Chamametchi refers to Papamametchi as "Papametchi."
  • During the final scene with Tanpopo and the Tamagotchis, some people can be heard talking in the background.

Full Movie


Tamagotchi The Movie!

Japanese Anime Film


Released by

Toshiba Miramax



  • The Italian dub of the movie was done at D-Kids, the children's subsidiary of Dynit.
  • On the English dub's DVD, Kikitchi and Hapihapitchi are printed on the front, despite not debuting until the sequel film.
  • Chamametchi is born in this film, but the Let's Go! Tamagotchi webtoon was released before this movie and features her; thus, the webtoon comes after the movie in terms of chronological timeline.


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