Tamagotchi 'Round The World (くるくるかいたくプラネット) is a Tamagotchi-based game developed for the iPod and was released November 4, 2008.


The objective of the game is to raise three planets by interacting with the environment on them. Users can choose to play as Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, or Violetchi. While the player spends much time caring for the planet, the user must also care for the Tamagotchi character itself, or they will refuse to cooperate with the user.


Main Article: Gaiatchi

Gaiatchi is a universal term to describe all natural living things on the planet. This includes clouds, seeds, geysers, and so on. Interacting with the Gaiatchi is the key to developing a healthy planet.


Reviews for the game on the iTunes store have generally been positive. However, a common complaint is that the game is not worth its $4.99 price tag.


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