Tamagotchi 17th Anniversary Contest

Tamagotchi 17th Anniversary Contest is a contest poll held on Tamagotch Channel. Fans were asked to create and enter their own costume designs for each of the 32 base characters of the Tamagotchi P's. Once a representative costume for each character was selected, the poll was launched, where again fans could vote on which of the 32 costumes they preferred the most (multiple votes could be cast, but only one vote per costume). The top 10 costumes at the end of the contest poll will make the Anniversary Change! Tama Deco Pierce for the Tamagotchi P's, set for release in November 2013.


The winning character costumes that will be on the pierce are -

  1. Kuchipatchi
  2. Mametchi
  3. Patitchi
  4. Memetchi
  5. Yumemitchi
  6. Spacytchi
  7. Kiraritchi
  8. Kiramotchi
  9. Charatchi
  10. Himespetchi

Costumes / Contest Entries

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