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Utility. Unique. United. Universal.
– Tamagotchi 4U slogan

The Tamagotchi 4U (たまごっちフォーユー Tamagotchi Fōyū) is a Tamagotchi virtual pet device. It was released exclusively in Japan on September 27, 2014 at a starting price of 5,980 Yen.

There are four shell colors: Pink, purple, blue and white (the last of which is represented in packaging and promotional material by the color yellow.) The 4U uses two AAA batteries. It features NFC, which was introduced with the Tamagotchi Friends, and features a new method known as "touching," which is known to exceed both bumping and infra red communication from other versions.

It involves positioning the back of the unit against a "touch spot" to acquire downloadable items. Many of these are located around Japan, and enable users to access special downloads, such as new room designs, characters, and more. The touch spots are only made exclusive to Japan.

The Tamagotchi 4U received an upgrade called the Tamagotchi 4U+ which was released in Japan on July 18, 2015.



  • Personality Stage: Tamagotchi 4U takes out the teen stage, and instead features a new sub-growth stage called the Personality Stage. When a character undergoes this stage, they will still be the same Tamagotchi, but take on a different appearance or even a different personality. The player's actions on their adult-stage Tamagotchi affect how the Tamagotchi will change. All built in Adult stage characters have one or two Personality Stage forms, and how to obtain them depends on the character.
  • Babysitting: The player can leave their Tamagotchi at a babysitter to put them aside and let them be automatically taken care of. If the user is unable to care for their Tamagotchi character, a babysitter character named Sitter Poketchi can tend to the character's needs for them.
  • Training: Tamagotchis can be trained to perform certain actions for themselves, such as going to the toilet by themselves.
  • School: Similar to the Tamagotchi P's, Tamagotchis can attend school and learn various skills.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Tamagotchi 4U will be the first virtual pet in the franchise to intergrate personal customization. The Tamagotchi 4U market will provide pre-made accessories for the devices. In addition to accessories, downloadable add-ons from the Tamagotchi iD series will return to Tamagotchi 4U as either on-the-go or wi-fi downloads.

  • Faceplates: Faceplates are plastic covers which can be attached to the front of the 4U. Each one has gaps for the screen and buttons. There are twelve pre-made styles released for the Tamagotchi 4U: Pink Lace, Purple Roses, Blue Hearts, Pink Leopard, Tamagotchi Channel Friends, American Comic Book, Classic Roses, Blue Leopard, Royal Pink, Tamatomo Rainbow, Purple Melody, and Pink Dots. There will be over 30 designs released.
  • Charm Straps: Charm Straps can be attached to the device as a decoration. Six pre-made charms have been revealed: Pink Dots, Purple Lace, Blue Leopard, Pink Gingham, Purple Gothic, and Blue Stripes.
  • Touch 4U Cards: Similar to the Tama Deco Pierce of the Tamagotchi P's, the Touch 4U Cards will unlock more content when touched to the back of the Tamagotchi 4U. The first Touch 4U card is Rola-themed, and the second one is similar to the Feat. Aikatsu! pierce for the P's. It is a collaboration card featuring more characters from the series and other Aikatsu! related merchandise. It also comes with a faceplate. The third one, not counting the single character touch cards, is a time travel set based around the first Tamagotchi. Because of this, it features "1996" in the title. It features the game from the first Tamagotchi with Marutchi, and the food and snack are purchasable in the restaurant. There are two new characters; Mametchi and Oyajitchi, both of which have "'96" in their names because they are their sprites from the first Tamagotchi. Two new faceplates resembling designs of the original Tamagotchi are available. They are a blue clock with yellow and orange clock with yellow.


Main article: Tamagotchi_4U/Character_list


Special Download Characters

  • Rolatchi (Touch Card)
  • Santa Rolatchi (Touch Card)
  • Felynetchi
  • Koronchantchi
  • Kumatomotchi
  • Baryatchi
  • NekoMasamunetchi
  • Ossantchi
  • Funasshitchi
  • Ojipantchi
  • Ichigo-chantchi (Touch Card)
  • Akari-chantchi (Touch Card)
  • Mametchi96' (Touch Card)
  • Oyajitchi96'(Touch Card)
  • Pianitchi(Touch Card)
  • Candy Pakupaku(Touch Card)


Check Meter

Players can check the Tamagotchi's status, owner profile and settings.


Bump to the other 4U

On the Go Connection

Smartphone or Tablet via NFC


Players can select either the Refrigerator or the Cafe Restaurant to feed their Tamagotchi.


Players can communicate with their Tamagotchi in four different ways: Praise, Scold, Talk, and Care.


Players can attend to their Tamagotchi's hygiene and dress them up. There are four options: Toilet, Bath/Brush Teeth, Clean Room, and Closet.

Go Out

The Tamagotchi can visit locations outside of the house, including the TamaDepa, Game Corner, House Renovators, Item Shop, Tama Fashion, Park, and School.

Treasure Chest

Items are stored here. There are four categories: Tools, Special, Bingo Card, and Coupon.


It can let players view their Tamatomos ("Tamafriends") which they get by collecting all four leaves of the clover icon.

Touch Spot Locations

  • Convenience Store
  • Vending Machine
  • Electronics Shop
  • Game Center
  • Amusement Park
  • Shopping Mall
  • Karaoke House
  • Airport and Service Area
  • Bandai Data Spot
  • Toy Store
  • Fashion Shop
  • Book Store


An app has been released which allows connections with the Tamagotchi 4U via NFC. It enables users to access downloads, such as characters, clothes, items, and foods. The app is available for download on Google Play and runs primarily on Android phones.

Tamagotchi 4U+

See main article: Tamagotchi 4U+





  • This is the second model to feature near-field communication (NFC), the first being Tamagotchi Friends.
  • This is the first model to have downloadable characters.
  • This is the first color Tamagotchi to not feature a teen stage and third overall.
  • The "touch spot" feature is similar to the store Deka Tamagotchis.
  • There is a manga called Go-Go Best Friends that features the Tamagotchi 4U.

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